How To Fix LG TV Blank Screen ● for Zero Cost !

Here’s a crazy zero cost way to get your picture back on your LG Tv that actually works !

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47 Replies to “How To Fix LG TV Blank Screen ● for Zero Cost !”

  1. david mundy

    I am a retired electronics technician and I can tell you what is happening here. Underneath the microprocessor are about 100 contact points with a tiny tiny "ball bearing" sitting at each contact point. The little ball is supposed to help the solder flow nicely to each contact point. Because the little balls are underneath and not visible, the factory baking process is sometimes not 100 percent effective. By re-baking the board, it can usually re-flow the solder and repair the connection. That is why techs say they are "re-balling" the board. I worked for a couple years repairing telephone equipment. We would also paint a little bit of FLUX around the chip before baking it, because liquid ROSIN-core-flux helps the soldering process. (do not use ACID core flux which is for plumbing work…. not electronics work.) and…. we didn't bake it in an oven. We used a special HEAT GUN that looked like a hair-dryer, but it would get WAY HOTTER than a hair dryer.

  2. my2centz

    LG sucks! I have a 55" LG smart TV just over a year old and leds dead already. I also purchased an LG phone recently after only owning Samsung for ever really and never having a problem and the LG phone has given me nothing but problems. I'm using my old 46" or 47" Phillip smart TV I've had for years and it works perfectly. LG must use cheap parts nobody else wants lol. Will never purchase anything LG again lol. Unfortunately my problem is the bulbs themselves which I ordered from ebay unfortunately they'll take a decade to arrive from China. Cheap for cheap lol.

  3. Tim Wyatt

    IT WORKED!!!
    I have the 32LD550. I followed the instructions to the letter and it works!!!! Almost bought a new TV but no need to now.
    It did smell a bit but all odors are gone in less then 20 minutes.

  4. Mark Gigiel

    I don't know what kind of solder LG uses, but it takes at least 460 F to melt solder. Also, you should have grounded yourself when handling the board to prevent static damage. If the solder is actually reflowing, be careful with the oven door. Any vibration can make components move or fall off the board until the solder solidifies.

  5. George Pelosi

    This did NOT fix my LG 55LE5400 as it is getting power, Audio, and bezel lights up. There is no video output at all , no display at all on LCD. Tried resetting power, no effect. Tried all inputs and volume increases with remote. No Logo displayed on boot up. Please advise as to what I can do to have this unit repaired. Main boards are out of stock for sale. Did 385F for 10 Minutes, used a digital thermostat probe to make sure was not too high or low. Board looks OK, no visible cap bulges or burn marks. Thanks.

  6. Zak Ahmed

    My LG doing the same thing. Only had it for 4 years. But If I put my TV panel in the wife gonna think I'm gone crazy! She gonna leave me lol

    I think I'm gonna buy a new Samsung TV

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