How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Available

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Face ID Is Not Available on iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR? Here’s The Real Fix.
Face ID lets you securely unlock your iPhone, authenticate purchases and sign in to apps all with just a glance. However, due to the vulnerability of the Face ID parts, it can be easily damaged when iPhone X is dropped or during screen replacement, which will result in Face ID failure. Don’t worry. In this video, REWA guides you to fix “Face ID Is Not Available” step by step. Let’s check.
This is also a reminder. Please be careful in your daily use of the phone!

Tools Used:
Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform:
Soldering Iron Rework Station – 969A:
Electron Microscope – Type 1:
LCD Opening Pliers:
Heat-resisting Adhesive Tape:
BGA Flux:
Solder Wire:
Straight Tweezers:
Anti-static Wrist Strap:
Sculpture Knife:
Soft Brush:
Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar:
Dust – free Clothing:
UV Curable Solder Mask:
UV Glue Curing Lamp:
0.02mm Varnished Wire:

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40 Replies to “How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Available”

  1. Nick Gamble

    iPhone is the worst phone maker ever my phone is basically new never been wet always in a protective case it’s lit only a few months old and your telling me I gotta take it apart to fix the stupid face recognition.

  2. S Paji

    Replaced iphone X screen and used the same microphone, proximity sensor from original.but FaceID is not available, also front and back camera when open shows black screen..what could be wrong?

  3. Marcelo Hernandez

    Great job guys.! My question is; if I replace the whole part for a new one, ( camera, microphone, proximity sensor and etc, ) can I setup the Face id? Or just works with the originals part face ID?. How much you guys charge for a job like that?. Thank you.

  4. Omg Backstabber

    Do you know if you just need one original? Like is the front speaker flex serialized or is the front camera also? Because some have said using after market front camera Face ID still worked

  5. Iancu Alexandru

    Hello. Big like for the video. I have a problem with the face id, i dropped my iphone but it s not cracked or anything. But the face id does not work. If i take the piece from another iphone x, i understand it will not work? Is it true? Thanks and i am looking forward to an answer

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