How To Fix Disney Plus App Not Working on Samsung TV | Almost All Problems Fixed in Just 3 Steps

Unable to connect to Disney Plus: is Disney Plus down?
With thousands upon thousands of people trying to connect to Disney Plus at once, (not working and won’t loading) chances are there’s bound to be a few errors. (Samsung smart tv) If you’re getting an “unable to connect” message followed by the app telling you (Fix app stuck on the loading screen ) “There seems to be an issue connecting to the Disney+ service” then the servers are clearly having some teething issues. It’s early in the app’s life. It happens. (Troubleshooting Guide)

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25 Replies to “How To Fix Disney Plus App Not Working on Samsung TV | Almost All Problems Fixed in Just 3 Steps”

  1. bam Thomas

    Tried everything to get this to work and until now it has not thank you… My kids and my sanity appreciate it..🤗 (it was step 2 for me) and as an added my hulu app stopped working to and a few others it fixed all those issues

  2. LakshayYT

    I have a samsung tv on it hotstar membership has been bought by me yesterday when I opened hotstar it shows its logo and then as soon as It start to take me on its home page a loading sign (circles ) is appearing and even after 2 hrs of opening the tv same loading sign is there what should I do
    I have to watch wanda visions final episode today please help mee

  3. Bee Dee

    It required going into the Self Diagnosis and doing a full reset which after much headache allowed us to reinstall the Disney+ app. Be sure to have your passwords ready as you need the Samsung password and the Disney+ password. Thanks for giving us this hint!

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