How To Fix Backlight (White Dot) On Lcd Led Tv LG 42 LB 650V

If you have the white dot problem, here’s the tutorial! if you have the time, and calmness.
It’s not easy, you have to be very gentle with the screen, but it’s possible to repair it.
There’s no sound, because i forgot to plug in my mic during the installation, but i will make some titles as soon as possible.

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47 Replies to “How To Fix Backlight (White Dot) On Lcd Led Tv LG 42 LB 650V”

  1. epiLepticTV

    Thank you very much, completely worked for me. Two lenses fell of, but nearly every single one was loose. I reglued all of them. Lost two pixels during the repair, but thats okay, the backlight is ok again, what more can you ask for.

  2. lowkey

    I have what seems to be this but opposite in color. Like my screen shows a row of darker circles only on a black background or dark grey otherwise it's not noticable on colors like I see darker circles of black on a black background lol

  3. J Ciampi

    Hey great video! My TV has a picture but just the white dots. Do I need to replace the LED strips? Or can I just glue the diffuser cylinders on? I am told that it can create a Halo effect and to replace the whole LED light strip. What kind of glue do you recommend.

  4. Marius Voicu

    Hello . Verry good video . I remove my 12 white dots. It is fine. Now i have a black line in the midle of the screen but not permanently. It is appear from 5 in 5 seconds .what you thinks is ? I clear 2 times the socket and put again and nothing. Where can i send you a video ?

  5. breid1966

    This is great with or without sound! I have a 55" Samsung that has this same type of dot in it. Now I feel like I can fix the issue pretty easy without paying a repair person tons of money.

  6. D Stephens

    Informative video snowkingcro, even without the audio. I'd rate this job a 3.5 out of 5 for the first time or a novice not having any experience with this on the difficulty scale & embarrassingly, it took me all day (with frequent breaks and letting glued reflectors set up. I viewed your video & a couple of others before attempting this job on my 42" TV. Initially, my tv showed only 2 white spots ( near center of tv). Tried living with it rather than risk making it worse but could not. So, after opening the tv up, half a dozen more reflectors fell off. My tv has 32 reflectors. It is 4 yrs old, an Lg, costing around $450.00 in 2015-16. After following your video making repairs, I began closing up the tv, more reflectors came off. Then more, then more again. By now, I was convinced that even those that did not fall off, probably should be removed and RE-GLUED also (but that didn't happen). I re-attached maybe 15-20. I actually found it a little taxing trying to glue the reflectors back on with the 3 bumps on the bottom of the reflectors aligning up with the 3 holes on the tv panel. And my eyesight is just ok, not like it used to be. I recall one viewer responding saying that they thought adding some REMOVABLE tape to the 4 corners of the front glass screen to the frame before beginning because the glass has at least 1/4" spacing (gap) all around the glass inside the frame. The tape would keep the glass centered (stationary). I didn't do it and reassembling made the 2 ribbons on bottom on tv screen not line up perfectly by about 1/4" with the 2 circuit board plugs causing me to lift the tv off the glass several times and move the glass while in the frame 1/4" to the side till things lined up. Upon completing the job & turning on the tv, things were almost perfect with the exception of a very faint quarter size white dot bottom right corner that barely is noticeable being a smaller white dot than previously & not nearly as bright, and not in the center of the tv! Huge improvement. Maybe the one reflector did not get seated in the slots flush. Maybe should have bench tested be closing it up but being impatient, my mind was made up to trash this set if the same or worse. And, I expect more reflectors to come off later, ha ha. Don't think I'll do this again but who knows… I got more glue left over.

  7. Llama Sims

    Sure it’s an ok video but man you gotta let people know how to put the unit back in without cracking the screen I’d barely put mine in and the screen just went like borderline zero pressure once I let it down a little too much it was game over now it’s in the bin cheers bro

  8. david wu

    1. I tried using a pair of vacuum suckers to lift up the the screen and put it back in place from the above, it works fine and offers better control than how it is done in the video. I have done it twice and the screen seems to take the suction pressure well, so far no marks or damages.
    2. It seems that, beside matching the three points, the lens also need to be installed in right direction, which you can tell on the marks printed under the lens. It appears to me the lens on the right and left sides have a 180 degree difference.
    3 I used UV glue, but still some will fall off after I re-installed the TV (LG55LBXXXXX),

  9. dannygalaga

    I repaired my TV and used Selleys All Clear (In Australia). Will report back how long it lasts. Be aware that the screen is aligned in the factory by robots and there is nothing that actually aligns it in the frame, It is just held in place by the rubber. So my handy tip, which I wish I'd thought of BEFORE I chipped the screen is to put masking tape on the four sides of the screen and frame BEFORE you pull it apart so that the screen keeps its position when you pull it apart 🙂

  10. Jordan Bentley

    I have an LG 49uj6200 I'm having an issue With white fuzzy light coming down from the top of the screen, Is it possible that this is my issue? The TV still works, but while playing games on it, the light becomes distracting. I'm worried it will only get worse.

  11. MrVergazov

    I confirm! It really works for LG 32 LB561U. Thanks man.

    You help me and save my money! The TV master wanted to repair $ 20.
    P.S: For gluing lenses, I used nail gel glue. I could not find glue b7000 in my city. But you need to be very careful in using this glue. The glue is very liquid, you need to put 3 small point to each pin. This is my method I don’t call anyone to use this method.

  12. MrAlyout

    Thanks for the video. In have the exact TV and the exact 2 white dots… I will try this tommorow and let you know how I do. Unfortunately I am not that good with delicate handle.. But will try

  13. Geo Hai


  14. Bengus81

    HUGE problem with LG TV's (happened to me too–six fallen reflectors on my 2.5 year old 43") ,never happens on others I own like my 47" Toshiba Regza (new in 2010) and Vizio. Look at the vid,no REAL holding system in place for these 32 reflectors,just a little 1/8 inch "twist". Go ahead…fix a few and the rest will fall off eventually like LG HOPES they will. I opened mine up and it's truly laughable looking at this "holding system" for those reflectors. Hell,it's a wonder all of them haven't fallen off,but given time they will. I fixed SIX of them, 26 MORE that could fall off at any time.

    Trust me,first time you do this procedure will take HOURS if you do it right. Bottom line,stay away from LG JUNK.

  15. Sanjay Singh

    Sir Mera 32inch Ka led t.v h
    Kuchh din pahle Mera led TV Ka Jo back light Ka nove HOTA Jo gir gya tha. jisse led TV par light aa rha that.maine usko khol kr glu see fix kr Diya.. par av v hlka hlka light ATA h
    Plz sir kya kre ki wo thik ho Jaye
    Plz reply sir

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