How to Fix an LG TV Remote Control

I need to know how to fix an LG TV remote control.

The first thing I’d suggest is making sure you’re using the right remote control.

Of course it is the TV remote.

If you’re using an app for the TV so the smart phone is the remote control, make sure you’re using an app that is compatible with the LG.

The app said it clearly was.

Then there’s making sure you didn’t update the phone OS and failed to update the app, and that the phone isn’t suffering from interference from a local wifi source.

I wasn’t using an app as the remote control, though that gives me an option if I can’t get the normal remote to work.

Know that most of these remote control apps only work with LG TVs made after 2012.

My TV isn’t old enough for that to be a problem.

Now we’re down to classic troubleshooting, like not being too far from the TV for the remote control to work.

So what can I do to fix it?

If the software on the TV updated or even firmware for the remote, take the batteries out, wait five minutes, reconnect them and see if it works.

You’re telling me to hard reboot the remote.

While you’re at it, replace the batteries, because that’s a common reason for the remote not to work.

The batteries shouldn’t be dead.

I’m assuming there isn’t an obvious hardware cause like a broken internal board because you sat on it.

No one admitted to doing anything like that.

And check to see if the buttons are sticky, dirty or gummy.

You think someone spilled food or drink on it.

You could need to clean it with cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the grease residue left by kids pushing buttons with unwashed hands. And that might make the buttons responsive again.

I can push the buttons. The remote just doesn’t do anything.

Check the sensor at the end of the remote, in case anyone got that really dirty poking around.

The kids wouldn’t think to poke that.

Did they drop the remote and maybe break that sensor?

Now I would know to get a new remote.

If any older kids wanted to prank each other, they’d cover the sensor with tape so the remote didn’t work.

If anyone did so with nail polish, I’d have a very long lectured followed by an Amish style punishment.

What is that?

No TV, computers or smart phones for a week.

You can see if the sensor in the remote is working by taking a picture of it while pushing the buttons, and if the camera captures its glow, you know the sensor is working.

Now I’m down to the TV itself.

You have to register the magic remote control with the TV, and you may have to do that if doing a factory reset with the TV.

How do you do register them?

Turn on the TV, aim the remote at the TV, hit the OK button, and it should register. If it doesn’t, power cycle the TV and try again or make sure you don’t need to dust the sensor on the TV that picks up the remote’s signal.

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