How to Download Mavic Air Videos & Photos

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The DJI Mavic Air is an impressive drone! It’s a foldable drone but still features a 4K camera. Mavic Air’s travel size and travel weight is minimal, making it the perfect drone for adventure travelers. Despite the small size, the Mavic Air features impressive battery life of around twenty minutes. This drone is so much more convenient than the larger DJI Phantom drones. #MavicAir

Equipment used to film this video:
Lens – Batis 25mm
Camera – Sony A7R2

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31 Replies to “How to Download Mavic Air Videos & Photos”

  1. Robert MacCready

    The SD card in the Mavic Air is easy to get out if you DO NOT gently push on the card. Give a quick jab, then get your finger quickly out of the way. The SD card is spring loaded and it will make it much easier to get out. Otherwise the card bumps into your finger nail and can't pop out any further. Don't make me do a video!!!!!

  2. Mike Fitzpatrick

    I do exactly as described in the video, but i get the SD card out and put it in my Mac only to be told, something like 'file not recognised' or something so i have to resort to using the cable and powering up the drone. What the hell am I doing wrong?

  3. Tamer Bekir

    I agree that the SD card is hard to remove from the device. Space is too tight to get your nails in and the plastic protector doesn't help because of its all in the way. I actually use plastic tweezers to remove it. I HATE having to turn on my Mavic to get the video. The SD card is the preferred method for me

  4. kierasdady

    Nice video & helpful. Thanks. Just a thought, stop biting your nails & it's much easier to get the SD card out. Oh!, where is that aerial shot in your intro.? It is gorgeous! Very nice.

  5. ryan leland

    Is there any way I can Plug my IPhone 7plus directly into the drone and download full quality videos ? I have a cord that goes from lightning to usb C. But when it says (plug in device to download 4K) I plug it in and it won’t let me download, my phone is the only thing that I have currently that can handle 4K video.

  6. Rurallandwatch

    I can't get the plug to plug into the port on the back of the drone. Is there an adapter or something I'm overlooking? I'm sure I'm using the same cord as you do in the video, because it's the flat cord that comes with the charger.

  7. Brendan O'Mara

    One thing I've been meaning to ask -you used to use a iPOD to fly your drones and I was wondering if you just like the larger monitor on your phone now or can you still fly the Mavic Air with your iPOD if you wish to?

  8. Richie Ferrere

    Hi IrixGuy. Richie from Norway here. I recently purchased a Mavic air. Also have a Phantom3. I’m just wondering if I can transfer my pics and video’s onto my PlayStation 4. My wife has a Mac. I have a laptop. I also have a 65” LG 4K TV. Which I would love to see my work on that screen… My laptop is a little boring to see any good quality. Is there any possible way I can save data to see on my TV screen ? Please try and think of a good solution. By the way, been following your video’s for some years now. Like your work ! Thanks so much. R

  9. Alex MH

    I viewed the footage that I recorded on my phone but it seemed to be very grainy and telemetry looking, will my actual recorded footage be of a higher quality? I really hope So!

  10. Rob

    How to download directly on my ipad pro? Is there a cable? Like to leave the sd card in the drone. Getting sd card out is a hassle. Via play its dreadfully slow

  11. dave20thmay

    First flight with mine today. I've no problem with the back door and as said below, slip your nail off the micro and let it fire out further. I have sellotaped a piece of the label from a printer cartridge on the underside of the Sd just to give something that can be used to pull out the card, when in the field with maybe cold hands, but you'd only need to do that after filling 64 gigs.

  12. Brendan O'Mara

    Does it show-up as 2 separate devices when you plug it into your computer, one for the internal storage and one for the SD Card? I would think to get footage off of the internal, you'd have to have the drone running and plugged into your computer?

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