How to do Simple Home Automation with Amazon Alexa || ESP8266

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In this video I will show you how we can easily control the output of a µC with Amazon Alexa. Along the way I will show you what software to use and which hardware is suitable to switch mains voltage. And at the end I will present you a practical example of home automation by controlling the lights in a corridor.

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43 Replies to “How to do Simple Home Automation with Amazon Alexa || ESP8266”

  1. Jarib Castillo Salcedo

    Dear GreatScott! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. Unfortunately, the code is not compiling….

    I get multiple errors ( "DynamicJsonBuffer is a class from ArduinoJson 5" & "Multiple libraries were found for "WebSocketsClient.h"), although I have already installed the libraries. Any help will be very much appreciated 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  2. Rojogg

    Also you can add a 3 way switch in your wall and use the NC – NO contacts so you can turn on and off from any point of the circuit. if you only do the parallel thing and the switch is turned on alexa will never be able to turn off your lights

  3. Ronald Ivan

    Good video, I've tested this method, for enjoy and use of unimportant things one can use it, cause server is inestable, many times it doesn't work, it's not so reliable, would be great if sinric server was more stable and efficient, would you test other methods to links Alexa with an esp8266?

  4. Ross Carlson

    You seriously make a video about Alexa yet say things like "alexa turn off the lights" – are you too stupid to not realize that just turned all my lights off? UGH – how Youtubers don't know to mute "Alexa" is beyond me.

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