How to disassemble a 2013 Nissan leaf battery pack

I show how to open and take apart a 2013 Nissan Leaf battery pack to harvest the 48 battery modules (each containing 4 cells) inside.

More details about where I purchased the pack, and how I packaged them to use in my S-10 Electric Pickup truck can be found on my blog under the “leaf” tag:

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  1. Huck Fin

    I'm looking for a battery that would power my kayak all day on the water with a 46lb thrust motor and radio, I wonder if one stack out of this would work ?

  2. Notguilty Yourhonor

    You’ll find measuring an item built with the metric system easier with a metric tape. It’s based on 10 like the same amount of fingers n thumbs you should have been issued with. Very easy for 99% of the world.

  3. bcinnz

    Brilliant job showing us the complexity of this battery. So "changing" a "bad" sector is really just not an option, better to buy a complete new set. I would like to see far more info by sellers of EV's regarding the replacement costs of batteries and the labor required to do the job. Definitely not a first time EV owner DIY project!! Thanks again for an excellent video.

  4. David Wilker

    I was thinking about doing this in my '98 Dakota, but I want to keep the battery pack intact if possible. I think the factory did a great job of making a safe and durable package. Do you have the external dimensions for the pack? Thank you.

  5. pcbass2

    Wow ! you need a lot of knowledge of electronics before opening up/dismantling a battery pack like this .. i don't so i'll leave to the experts to do that for me .. but great vid ! really interesting and educational.. thanks for sharing this ..

  6. Jacob Allard

    do think we can control the battery heater that is in the battery pack so we could get the battery hotter during the winter ? Because now it is starting at -17 and stop at -10c but i rather see it stop to 15c and start when it -5c anyone have the solution??

  7. Sasquads

    why are people soooo scared of DC power? its not going to zap you unless your in the rain and wet. AC is the scary one. You could hold both end wires and nothing would happen. it's capacitors you want to watch out for they can pack a punch.

  8. BAU

    These batteries are definetelly high precision and quite complicated in a way of their packing. But also I have noticed that not all the space is used for capacity. It would be better to simplify the battery but maximaizing the energy storage. Is there a 30-kWh battery disassembling video yet?

  9. Dustin Hale

    – I don't suggest disassembling these packs. I work at the Nissan Battery Plant and the electrolyte used in the cells is a very dangerous liquid that could cause serious body harm. If even a little dent is punched into one cell and it gets on you it would not end well. We take safety very seriously. Please be careful and if you smell a sweet smell it means one of the cells have been damaged and is leaking.

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