How to control your TV with your Amazon Echo Alexa !

How to Link Echo to Fire TV Stick controls ON OFF, input and Change Channels it is easy but be sure to turn On HDMI control CEC feature in Fire TV settings and TV menu.
Universal Fire TV remote add-on to control TV and surround sound-
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14 Replies to “How to control your TV with your Amazon Echo Alexa !”

  1. Hassan Kasbar

    I did all that but it still won’t work, my HDMI control CEC on my LG tv is on, the fire stick and my echo dot 3rd gen are linked on the Alexa app. HDMI control option is turned on under firestick settings and all devices restarted but it won’t turn off or on the TV, just the normal content search and play/pause content. The language on bother devices is British English. Is this the reason or what?! Thanx For the video it was really informative and easy to apply the steps in real.

  2. David Kymdell

    Hey guys, sorry…off topic, does anyone know if Tampatec have a service whereby they diagnose issues with TV’s and is there any way to contact them directly? Cheers

    Edit: I found the video he made regarding this very question but none of the issues he mentioned correspond with what my TV is doing.

  3. abghere

    I only have Fire Stick TV 4K, can I voice control the TV? What else can I control? Thanks!
    BTW, What other languages did the Fire Stick TV 4K recognize? How to configure it for dual language?

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