How To Control Your TV with Alexa – Logitech Harmony Hub & Echo Integration Guide (Updated 2017)

This is a brief tutorial for controlling your TV, stereo, and other devices using your voice with the Amazon Echo. This requires an Amazon Echo or New Echo Dot, and a Logitech Harmony Hub. This video has a step by step guide for integrating these devices for voice control. It also explains how to allow Alexa to control more than one Harmony Hub.

The Alexa app has recently been updated with a new Harmony skill that allows volume and pause/ff/rwd voice controls. It’s a little tricky to use but not too difficult once you understand how it works but this overview will help.

Home Automation Guide Part 1 –
Home Automation Guide Part 2 –
Home Automation Guide Part 3 –

Harmony Hub Setup and Configuration Guide:

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41 Replies to “How To Control Your TV with Alexa – Logitech Harmony Hub & Echo Integration Guide (Updated 2017)”

  1. 3EyedTiger

    I did not get this. where is the one for dummies. I have a harmony hub, old harmony remote, Alexa Dot and Echo, iPhone X. I am trying to first understand how to get the HUB on the network with the iPhone X (my house WiFI). Can I do this without involving the old Harmony Remote for which the software will not run successfully? The remote is setup and works. I just don't know how to relate it (its settings) to the Alexa APP or the Harmony APP fr iPhone. I have not setup the Harmony Remote for years with anything new because my iPhone can connect to some of my entertainment stuff but not all. Do I have to start from scratch and can this be setup with a remote involved. I just cannot believe I should need it for any bridging of my devices. If you answer me, I will see it and try to use whatever help you can give me.

  2. trinhk

    As always Majestechs, your videos are awesome. One question, I always use my TV with the receiver, so when I use the volume I like to use the volume on the receiver as opposed to the TV native volume. When I say "Alexa, volume up" does it up the TV volume or the receiver volume?

  3. lucas perez

    I bought this for my mom for Christmas because I have the Echo Plus and she fell in love with it.>>>   I have no complaints on this item by any means! Alexa honestly feels like part of the family in my house, and I talk to her on a daily basis lol. Surprisingly enough, when turned all the way up, the Echo is VERY loud. Most speakers start to muffle after being turned all the way up, but Alexa doesn't seem to have that issue. Listen, if you do not have an Echo Plus….go buy one. Like now.

  4. Eric C.

    Does anyone know if the Harmony Hub can turn on a Vizio D43n-E1 Television?
    Oddly enough my TV can only be controlled, including powering on and off, via controller. There are absolutely no buttons on the TV itself (a very disappointing feature to it). I have a Chromecast in an HDMI that can turn the TV off (and it isn't a smart TV) but I can't seem to get the Harmony to turn it on.

  5. Buddy Quaid

    This is okay tutorial but it leaves me with more questions, like, why do I need Yonomi or Smart Things if I just set everything up in Alexa? It's confusing. You said "discover devices" after you linked the red Harmony app but you did not say where to do that? I'm confused.

  6. Mike Brugh

    Just set my echo and harmony elite… Got my home entertainment system to work for most functions and am still working on "skills." The one problem I have run into is that when I turn on the tv using Alexia the harmony remote functions do not work… i guess that echo communicates to the hub but the harmony remote does not know that anything has occurred… am i doing something wrong??

  7. Maureen Kane Wineland

    This is great explanation and I got it working but for some reason once I ask it to change the station it changes away from HDMI to a regular TV channel. I cannot find where the link is wrong even though I have gotten rid of it and started over several times. I also cannot get it to work to change to HDMI 3 to work with my Fire Stick.
    Would love some suggestions.

  8. Anouar Seljouki

    Hi, Im having an issue with my harmony hub. All my activities have the turn on and off activity preset. I go to device power setting and I choose to not power in or off when swich activities but that changes nothing. I select my remote doest have a power button and it solves my problem with all my activities that don't require powering devices. But now in not able to power up and turn off devices. PLZ HELP

  9. adrian97c

    Setup prompts slightly diff on my iOS app, but after getting it dialed in & settings tweaked to work well for my devices, I then synced, opened Alexa app, enabled the skill & boom! All works well! Loving this… thanks again for all your videos. So far I’m controlling TV, AC (Honeywell WiFi), & Hue lights (super expensive, but sweet!), all without any hubs! (Beside hue bridge ofcourse).

    Next I’m going to add front door lock… hopefully HomeKit would suffice, going to see how far I can go without spending money on a physical hub.

    I have an upcoming home improv project looming; getting 13 LED recessed fixtures(downlights) installed in my great room (kitchen/dining space/living room). Will need smart switches to control them.

    Any switches that run on HomeKit or Alexa directly? (Again, trying to avoid buying a hub).

  10. Scott Tilden

    Great video, just got the Dot, was going to use it for lighting control but also using it to control the TV. Can you get it to change the Aspect Ratio on a TV say when you switch activities to a watch apple tv or something. Really helped me set up my dot.

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