HOW-TO: Control your Curtains with an Amazon Echo (Alexa + SmartThings Hub + Aeotec)

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List of products included in this video:

[ Amazon Echo ]

[ Samsung SmartThings Hub ]

[ Aeotec Micro Motor Controller ]

[ Dooya Sunflower DT52S / KT320S Electric Curtain Engine ]

[ Dooya Curtain Track ]


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[ SmartHomeDB ]


The smart home connectivity in this video is powered by:

[ Z-Wave ]


37 Replies to “HOW-TO: Control your Curtains with an Amazon Echo (Alexa + SmartThings Hub + Aeotec)”

  1. Stuckeymax

    Nice work! Try this: Call them "drapes" instead of "curtains," and Alexa will respond to "open drapes" and "close drapes" instead of turn on/turn off. I'm not certain what's magic about "drapes." I can say that "Draperies" won't work with open/close commands. "Garage Door" or "Garage" also won't work. Drapes open/drapes closed works in my setup, which is an ESP8266 WiFi module attached to a Somfy remote. I designed it to operate a Somfy 3-button remote, deriving a third button push from a two-state control by looking at a Boolean drapes state variable. Search Somfy on Github if you'd like details.

  2. Siri

    Hi, I have been looking at products similar to this online. I was just wondering if there was such a things as a motor with the built in wifi capabilities, meaning it would connect to Alexa without having to plug it into a router and buying other boxes and wifi connectors? I have found one on Ebay, but I'm not sure if it needs to have the router etc.

  3. Nrfa

    Seems like a short curtain rod. Or doesn’t that matter? Could I run this off of my Phillips Hue, and the router that I have through my internet provider?

  4. SuperHomelessbum

    I got this working on my relatively cheap e-rod, Alexa (Dot) & Harmony Hub. No skill needed to set it up, just put the model of your motorized curtain rod into Harmony setup and most likely the remote functions are already available. Then you can program Harmony activities easily – open, wait 20 sec, stop – to open half way. Alexa fully supported through the Harmony skill.


    That such friend greetings from Colombia, I have a question that I could not solve. How do you link the "alexa" with the z wave driver?
    In my case to domitize my apartment I am using amazon echo, z wave driver "horus" in colombia and it is the same "vera" for united states.

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