How to control IKEA Tradfri Smart Lighting with Philips Hue!

IKEA smart lighting on Philips Hue demos, color comparisons and how to add and control IKEA’s TRÅDFRI smart bulbs with a Philips Hue bridge. Everything is documented and shown in the exact steps!

IKEA lighting products featured:

Brand-new color smart bulb –
Clear “white spectrum” smart bulb –

Color bulb is now listed on the IKEA site:

This video’s steps are largely made possible thanks to a post on this Netherlands site –

That post also has a table of information detailing some current IKEA firmware versions for some of their smart lights.

Want to control it via SmartThings? A new device handler was just created for it –

UPDATE: IKEA has updated the TRADFRI app and decent palette of colors can be chosen from their app. No traditional color wheel or more in-between colors, but it’s a start.

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27 Replies to “How to control IKEA Tradfri Smart Lighting with Philips Hue!”

  1. Jack Rippers

    @SmarterHomeLife 11:36 , has #Homekit integration changed?

    I bought a Hue starter kit, (4 bulbs), and use it with HomeKit.
    I would like to reduce costs by:

    Adding IKEA's TRÅDFRI smart bulbs to Philips HUE, but I need it to be integrated with HomeKit. (Example: living room lights will be a mix of HUE/TRÅDFRI bulbs)
    "Hey, siri, turn on Living Room lights".

  2. Ale P

    I need a bit of help. I've got a tradfri setup with the remote control, gateway and 8 dimmable (warm and bright whites) bulbs.

    I now bought amazon echo plus (coming with its own hue hub)…How do I pair everything so that I can control everything from alexa ? I'm unable to find the devices through the standard alexa functionality.

  3. Juraj Ziak

    Hello, I would like to ask you if it is possible to change color temperature on IKEA tradfri using Philips Bridge to different then 3 predefined colours? I have white spectrum GU10 bulbs, however I dont like 2700K a 4000K is too white. I would like to set temperature similar to 3000K, however it's not possible via Tradfri app or Tradfri remote. So using Philips bridge and application I can set different temperature and then use Tradfri remote to switch it on and off with last used color? Thank you very much.

  4. Marko Erceg

    Thanks for video. Have a new ikea bulb (clear one as you mentioned in video). I pass whole procces, bulb is blinkig 15 seconds and flash at the end, but finaly not added at hue app. I repeated process severel time, pair, unpair, but every time same… any idea what is a problem?

  5. Matthew Walton

    Many thanks, exactly what I needed to know, although the colour comparison would've been better served in another video for those of us coming just to find out how to get a Trådfri bulb to pair with a Hue Bridge.

    It was monumentally inconvenient though, I was doing it for the GU10s in my kitchen, which is the only place in the whole house you can connect a GU10 to power, so I had to haul a powerline networking unit into the kitchen along with the Hue Bridge, find a longer ethernet cable and hold the bridge up in the air for a while to get it to pair with each of the four GU10s in turn. The first one refused to do it, so I tried the next and it worked straight away. Thought maybe I had mixed firmware versions. Tried the other two and they worked as well, so I went back to the first one… and that worked too!

    So IKEA are definitely selling some white dimmable GU10 Trådfri lights in the UK with sufficiently recent firmware on. I bought these today.

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