How to Connect your Sony® TV with Wi-Fi™ to a Wireless Network

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Sony® BRAVIA™ tv’s with Wi-FI™ can connect to the internet to access online content such as Youtube, Hulu+®, NETFLIX®, and the Sony Entertainment Network. These services can be used directly through the tv to easily enjoy your favorite content.

22 Replies to “How to Connect your Sony® TV with Wi-Fi™ to a Wireless Network”

  1. anil kumar

    When I select wireless setup, my TV says "Wireless USB device not found. Insert a compatible wireless device into the TV's USB port and try again. If a compatible device is already inserted, please check the device." Please help me OUT.

  2. Minahil Shoaib

    My Sony BX31 ………kLV_26B ×310 plz plZ plz help …….muja wifi connect nai. Krna ata plz Mara mes ko forget na krna Mari shadi ki led sale ho gaha give plz bnata ma sale nai krna chahati.plz btana .plz

  3. David Coon

    I would like to start off by saying that I have been a huge fan of Sony TVs for the last 20 years, ever since seeing my first glimpse of a 36" XBR (old school tube TV). I know there are a few TV manufacturers out there that put out a nice product still, but for my money, you can't beat a nice Sony TV. I am also a big fan of their camcorders.
    I suppose I could leave this part out for this reply question, but that's about where it ends for liking Sony products for me. Their speakers and Amplifiers have just never really been on par with other comparable brands. I would even go as far as saying that I have never heard a pair of Sony speakers that didn't make me immediately cringe – regardless of the price or how "high end" they were relative to Sony's speaker product line. None of that matters for this question, but sometimes when frustrated with a product (extremely frustrated right now with my Sony Bravia 55" 3D TV that gives all indications on the surface of being a TV that can easily connect to the internet, however I bought this TV brand new about 6-7 years ago, and to this day have never been able to connect it to the internet. Not once. I am afraid that I may have found the distrubing answer on another website, but I would rather ask the question here to get a solid answer as to why I cannot seem to follow the simple menu prompts to connect to my home's WiFi. And by the way, if the answer turns out (as I unfortunately am expecting it to as of the last hour or so) is that I bought a "WiFi Ready TV" instead of a "Built-In WiFi TV", and as a result I need to spend more money to buy (what else) a Sony USB adapter to plug into my TV to allow it to connect to my wireless network, if that is the answer I end up getting, I am going to say right now that this will be a big, big disappointment, and major factor in my future purchases in whether or not I buy Sony or a comparable competitors product. The reason? I cannot stand something that I call "Intentionally Deceptive Advertising" – and calling a TV "Wifi Ready" in the year 2011 (instead of "Built-in WiFi) is about as Intentionally Deceptive as you can get. The reason is that Smart TVs were just coming out, and coming up with a new, creative term that sounds like the real thing, but really isn't, is nothing other than Intentionally Deceptive Advertising. **Ok, enough with my introduction. Here is my TV Model #KDL-55HX800 – BUILT IN JULY 2010** ~~~As a side note, why is it that "SonyListens" requested model numbers of TVs in this post from the OP and subsequent owners experiencing the same issue (also the same issue I am having), and even thought the OP and couple others immediately following didn't respond with their model numbers, several others experiencing the same issue DID in fact offer up their TVs model numbers in this post, this question, this thread, and in this comment section, yet there have been ZERO public responses as to what the issue is from "SonyListens"?!? Here's my guess – it's because they purchased what somebody at Sony got a great big raise back in 2010 for coining the phrase "WiFi Ready TV" with the intent of fooling the unsuspecting 2010 TV buyers (when Smart TVs were still wearing diapers (Smart TVs – aka "Built-in WiFi TV", or "It can connect to your home network without buying a separate, unnecessarily expensive Sony branded USB dongle for which the content on that dongle is absolutely unavailable to download by others who bought this TV and can't figure out why their TV cannot connect to the internet at home even though it appears as if it was advertised to be able to do just that because Sony knows that if you just forked over 2 grand for your 55" 3D TV, you CERTAINLY won't have any issues spending another petty….$60 on the Sony dongle you need to make it all work" TV). Ok, yes, that was lengthy, but let's hear what Sony has to say – How do I connect the TV I purchased to my home network? I was under the assumption when I bought it that this could be done, and I was never clearly made aware that it would require the purchase of additional Sony aftermarket parts. So please tell me that I was not the victim of this Intentionally Misleading and Deceptive Advertising scheme (even if you don't agree with my term, everyone in the universe outside of Sony employees knows what I am talking about and agrees that this term is 100% accurate and it is a deceptive technique, and a HUGE no-no in my personal book, not to mention being ethically questionable AT BEST. I am trying to keep this positive, so please offer me a solution that doesn't require spending more money (like a download to MY OWN flash drive or USB drive!!)

  4. Iqbal Hasan Khan

    Hi, my Sony Bravia model is S5000FS and I can not connect it with my bluetooth head phones. The TV set does not have bluetooth feature in it. If I follow your instructions, will it be connected to my TV? please reply. I live in Pakistan and the set is made in Malaysia. Thanks.

  5. Jay A

    When I connected my fathers Sony it told me it was connected but when I went to video it said it wasn't connected. Then when I go back to setup and says it's connected. Any ideals?

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