How to connect Set-Top Box To Led Tv, Lcd Tv or Smart Tv ? Guide in Hindi

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How to connect Set-Top Box To Led Tv, Lcd Tv or Smart Tv in Hindi

To connect the Set-Top Box with your Tv Follow the Below Steps

1. Connect the black colored RCA cable (if your TV is HD or HD ready you can use a HDMI cable). There may be up to three different connections, If connecting with HDMI make a note of which HDMI channel you are connecting to HDMI1/HDMI2/HDMI3. Switch your TV to the appropriate input.

2. Connect the other end of the HDMI/RCA cable into the back of the Set-Top box.

3. If your TV is NOT HD or HD Ready, then use the three plug cable, and plug the Red/White/Yellow connectors into the corresponding sockets on your TV, taking care to connect the plugs to the same colour sockets. Plug the other end of the cable into the SD Video socket of the Set-Top Box.

4. Connect the Set-Top Box to the mains power using a suitable adaptor, plug the other end into the back of the Set-Top Box.

5. Turn your TV on, and select the HDMI channel that you connected to, or if you used the Red/White/Yellow cable, select the VGA channels that you connected the cable to.


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  1. I am Human

    I did the same thing for my new LG smart tv… connected the HDMI cable from my tatasky box to the back of the tv. I'm getting only video, no Audio bro. What to do?

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