How to Connect Ring Cameras to Amazon Echo Devices (Alexa)


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In this video, learn how to Connect Ring Cameras and Ring Doorbell to your Amazon Echo Devices (Alexa) such as the Echo Show, Echo Spot, and via your TV through a Fire TV Stick or Cube.

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44 Replies to “How to Connect Ring Cameras to Amazon Echo Devices (Alexa)”

  1. Beezy f beezy

    Nothing like putting cameras everywhere so the police can request surveillance and they can watch everything we do! Come on people don't fall for this bullshit!! 1984 1984 1984 1984 it's literally at your doorstep

  2. Paul Merullo

    Thanks for this video. Does viewing your doorbell camera via Echo show cause the ring app to make a recording of your viewing and store it to the cloud just like it does when you do a "live view" from your ring app on your phone? I want to know if the Echo show can be used as an always-on video monitor of what is shown on my ring camera, without causing constant recording. Thanks for the info!

  3. Steve Laskowitz

    The ring camera should be BANNED. All it has done is created more problems and actually accomplishes EXTREMELY LOW success rates for properly identifying and convicting accused criminals.

    Think I’m lying or full of shit? Think again.
    …go ask everyone/anyone who has a ring camera that encountered criminal activity and come back to me with a ratio of success vs failure statistics and then you will see the truth….

    -Has shown Error/Incorrect info
    -Creates false judgement/accusation,
    -Has wrongly convicted innocent people due to the previous two statements I mentioned
    -Creates paranoia, anxiety, and instills fear
    -Creates and adds unnecessary tension within a neighborhood
    -Destroys Trust
    -Will eventually destroy relationships
    -Creates unnecessary police reports
    -Lacks enough evidence in majority if not almost ALL videos produced because of its blurry/shitty output quality to be clear enough to show a specific identity, i.e. license plate numbers
    -most of all, it WASTES everyone’s limited time on this god forsaken earth where we don’t have much time to begin with, so this is basically the work of the devil if you want to get metaphorical.
    -CONCLUSION: the Ring camera is a f*cking disaster and should be banned before this disease spreads even further and really helps destroy the world even more.
    -PS read this on Wikipedia, or any other source you wish, especially the section for PRIVACY CONCERNS. It’s a fucking joke. The Ring company has access to EVERYTHING ON THERE. Still feel safe? Non-violated?? Protected?? THINK ABOUT IT….

    The REAL way to catch thieves or robbers is physically stop them. REALISTICALLY, there are only two ways of achieving this:

    -grab a fucking baseball bat, machete, gun (if you have one and legally own it would be helpful for your own sake), hammer, pipe, Whatever the fuck you can get your hands on at the time, and crack the nigga over the head or shoot his ass until he stops moving. I guarantee they won’t come back if you do this successfully.

    -do what people in high crime urban areas and have been doing for MANY MANY YEARS, especially since the 80’s crack epidemic, install iron/metal/steel bars in your god damn windows or doors if you really want to keep these cocksuckers out.

    -Or you can continue being a puss and follow the other puss ppl and cry about it on this stupid fucking RING bullshit camera and get NOTHING accomplished for yourself or your family. ask yourself these questions…
    -do you really feel safe and protected if your door gets kicked in and you are weaponless and either alone or with children?
    -is $300 a fair price for a camera that causes all of the above mentioned?
    -do you think this will make the world a better/safer/more trusting/worthy place for everyone?



  4. A11iOop

    Although the app is different as of this date (with a more streamlined setup), I was still able to use your video and pretty much figure it out. Thanks for posting!

  5. Charlie Chew

    I went through the video, but could my echo Show 2nd gen could not discover my ring camera. Anyone with any suggestions on what else I can try? Here was what I was able to do already 1. Ring linked with Alexa app. 2. I paired my phone with my echo show. 3. My Amazon Alexa app already has the ring camera added as a device.

  6. Dwayne Shaft

    Great video! I just purchased a ring doorbell and love this feature. You do have to go to the settings of the device you named in the Alexa app and enable the notifications.

  7. Milton Davis

    I was exited for this pairing when I got my Echo Show a few months ago. After pairing I was sadly disappointed because there is a big delay in the live action feed. A car drives by my home and about 5-8 secounds later the same car drives by on the Echo Show screen. 🙁

  8. Terri S

    Thank you so much for your very informative video. Just got the Show this evening and, with your help, got my Ring floodlights enabled! You're the best!

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