How to Connect QGroundcontrol to the Parrot AR Drone

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A bunch of folks are having trouble connecting to their Parrot AR Drone with the free Qgroundcontrol software. Here’s how to connect the two!

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  1. javiemontoy1

    Lon I've noticed that you're running a Mac. When I go to the qgroundcontrol site and to downloads, I don't have a clue which one to download. I've tried one but it doesn't look at all like the one you're showing in your vid. Please help 🙂

  2. Ruan Pienaar

    I know this is an old post but I just got an AR Drone 2 and the flight recorder wont work or blink or nothing. I plugged it in after initialisation as well as prior to initialisation, still nada. In the free flight app the GPS icon is grey, and in settings the GPS part is also grey showing firmware 1.0 and software ver 0.0. However when I unplug it, the app says that the GPS firmware failed and GPS is unplugged. So the usb does work, it even records to the 4GB flash. Please help! I am on Android, Drone is up to date according to the app.

  3. Aditya Narayanan

    Hey Lon! I'm having trouble with the new 2.2.0 version. I've been trying for a few days now checking out different forums and video tutorials online. I can't find any tutorial with the 2.2.0 version. I also tried searching for the 1.1.0 version online but it seems like that's long gone. Please post a video on the 2.2.0 version if possible. Many thanks.

  4. Hugh Hemington

    Like so many others, I had a devil of a time making this work!
    I'm using QGC 2.0.3, and after I connect via WiFi to the drone and run QGC, and select WiFi connection at the welcome screen, I was welcomed with UNCONNECTED
    Then I tried the little green bar at the upper-right that says "new serial link".  Under link type, I selected UDP, then the green Connect bar in that dialog box, and it connected.
    Hope it helps.

  5. MJB vids

    I dont understand the step when you switch from your Drone wifi back to internet in order to get the map overlay.  Are you connected to two signals?  Drone and Internet? 

  6. Enric Palau Forte

    Dear Lon, 
    Many thanks for your videos, I am using the latest firmware updated via iphone.
    I can connect the drone to the mac and Qground shows as connected but somehow when its time to send the data to the drone i cannot send data from the mac to the drone, it never follows the commands, i cannot transfer either the waypoints, arm the drone or take off. do you think what could be the problem?

  7. Andreas Göttsche

    there are some unknown connection-troubles:
    when i start the QGroundcontrol there is no connection. there is a message "waiting for connection" and then … nothing!
    Manually apply any Connection with TCP-Connection: which Port ? UDP also doesn´t run (no connection can be etablished to the Drone)
    WTF ?

  8. Stephen Richard

    Lon, I have Windows 7 on my laptop and I am trying to get the Qground control to connect to my Ar Drone 2.0 I have Android Free Flight 2.4.10. I am having problems getting the laptop to connect to the drone I never see it in Qground control as connected. and the IP address of the Laptop never shows its fully connected. Have you heard of any problems with Windows 7 and the Drone and Qgound Control?

  9. Ben7seven7

    If you havn't checked, about a week ago with the new version of the iPhone App also included a firmware update to the GPS Flight Recorder as well which you get a notice to update when you're in the flight mode itself. At first it would freeze and not do anything but then I shut all my apps off and restarted my iPhone and it worked. Also on occasion the Absolute Control mode of my Parrot would malfunction and not go in the direction it's suppose to or do the opposite it's strange.

  10. HealeyCopter

    Hey Lon – Thanks for another good Ardrone QGC tutorial. Yes the current Android version (2.3.3) of FreeFlight does update the drone firmware to work with the gps flight recorder & 3rd party software such as QGC. Parrot just announced that the update to FreeFlight, to match the Apple App is about done & only a couple of weeks from release.

  11. Adam Juniper

    You can check out my successful flights in my videos and learn abit about the altitude controls. Thanks for this vid Lon – I really think the latest firmware update has nailed it. Wish it was possible to set speed a bit though.

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