20 Replies to “How to connect old speaker with your Samsung TV – Samsung 65Q8C”

  1. Sang andi redfield

    my philip tv no sound but when i hit my tv on the back, the sound is back but it keep happen like this all the time. if there any suggestion or such thing as use any speaker to connect to the tv? if have, got any video on how to connect and what speaker they use? pc speaker can you to connect the tv if no sound?

  2. إسمي شكور

    Hello…hi…im just curious regarding the volume control…is it possible adjusting the volume just using the tv remote only?? I've connected to RCA jack port but can't control the volume directly using the tv remote controller…i need to adjust manually through the speaker volume controller…if i i buy the converter from digital to analogue is it possible adjusting the volume just using the remote tv??

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