How To: Connect devices to your Sony BRAVIA TV

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Learn how to connect devices to your TV including a PS4, digital camera, sound bar and Blu-ray player via the TV’s HDMI or optical inputs. Enjoy big screen gaming and photos as well as great quality sound using only one simple cable.

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  1. O. Keith Majors

    Just purchased a Sony Bravia 4K TV connected Cable top via HDMI cable to input port 1 works great.ย  But when we connected the Blu-ray player via HDMI cable to input 2 we get no Signal… check external inputs and try hitting input button to move to different portsย  no luck. Can someone help?

  2. Eddie Munster

    Thank you for this video !
    But I have a question :
    How can I install a DVD recorder and should I connect it before me cable box ?
    OR – Should I connect it directly to the TV ?
    I OWN a Sony A1E65 inch. HDR/4K bravia , Can you direct me to a series of videos ?
    You see, I want to purchase a DVD recorder, to records sporting events z
    So I thought maybe you may know, I would greatly appreciate this ?I
    Well have a great day,

  3. raga N

    hi,ive connected bravia kdl-32w670a to my desktop through a DVI to hdmi cable,everything works properly except for turning off the tv.unlike computer monitor tv's don't turn off upon shutting down the system or turning on automatically, is there any workaround for this unless hunting for the remote?

  4. Morten

    >people with technical know-how have problems with a sony tv and a sony playstation not communicating as they should
    >oh, lets just explain how you connect a cable between these devices, that will teach them.

    voted down for absolute moronic content.

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