How to Connect Alexa and WeMo Devices

How to Connect Alexa and WeMo Devices.
Belkin’s line of WeMo smart home devices, which include plugs, switches, lightbulbs and even crock pots are not only useful in their own right, but can also be linked with Amazon’s Alexa, so that you can control them by voice. We’re going to show you the steps for setting up a WeMo device and connecting it to Alexa.

1. Plug in the WeMo device. In this case, it’s the WeMo Mini smart plug. If it’s getting power, the small LED above the circular button should start blinking white and amber.

2. Open the WeMo app, and select WeMo Setup Instructions.

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  1. Janice V

    This probably could be a very informative video … however it goes so very fast, not to mention the flashes of the screen of where to go is not clearas to how you would get there. Not good.

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