How to Connect a Soundbar to your Samsung TV

Find out how to connect a soundbar to your TV with ease.

To connect via HDMI you need to:
Connect your cable via the HDMI ARC port on your TV and HDMI ARC/Out port on your soundbar;
Via Quick Settings on your TV, select your soundbar from Sound Output options.

To connect via Bluetooth you should:
Turn your soundbar on using your soundbar remote;
Press the Source button until ‘BT Ready’ shows on your soundbar display;
Press and hold the BT Pair button until ‘BT Ready’ switches to ‘BT Pairing’;
Search for available Bluetooth devices on your TV and select ‘Pair and connect’.

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13 Replies to “How to Connect a Soundbar to your Samsung TV”

  1. Don Ace Watson

    Added Samsung Soundbar to a Denon AVR900 to a converted Composite to HDMI and now I’m trying to intergrade this all to my Vizio smart TV and hopefully I can improve the sound that I want. Then add Alexa to , anyone can tell me or offer some help with this project and

  2. Nuril Anwar

    Hye, i have a question to ask… If im want to play movie dolby atmos format… My soundbar Q70R is better connect using hdmi arc or using bluetooth?? If I just connect soundbar with bluetooth, did I will get a same sound quality of dolby atmos output from this soundbar… Please advise, thank you..

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