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  1. Bret Ames

    Hello, Can someone please tell me the best Format to use for my External usb2 hard drive when I attach it to my TV? Thanks. Also I have heard that NTFS format is what I need to watch Full HD? is this true. I have a QLED Smart TV.

  2. Zai Dela Cruz

    Hi I have question. I just got an external last week and I copied some of the animes and movies on my old external and to my new external. My tv is a samsung led 43, the is detecting the external but the movies and animes itself is not working. Any have idea on what I can do?

  3. KYS1985

    Got a new 5TB seagate drive. My 3TB seagate is recognized but it wont regonize my 5TB one. Looking for a video that shows me how it will show up. Wonder if its exfat or w.e

  4. My Reviews

    Just a correction, That "hub" is called the "one connect box". The hub is actually the software. You should also mention that the external hard drive would need to be formatted to a format that samsung tv supports, like FAT32, XFAT or ntfs. Meaning, any hard drive that works on a windows computer will work on this TV. If it is a hard drive that's formatted for a Mac it wouldn't work unless it is formatted correctly. Hope this helps.

  5. Don K. Ruler

    Ahhhhh I thought this was going to show how you can get around connecting a hard drive which is not showing your files. That is my problem, I have a brand new samsung TV and a Samsung M3 hard drive, it recognises the drive but when I click to browse, its empty!!!

  6. Jan Smekens

    Is this also possible for NON smart-tv? Like my Samsung TV (No smart tv, from 2013 I Guess) has a USB port, but I can only connect "normal" USB stick onto it. When I plug a Portable drive (exactly the one you use here in this video) on my TV, nothing happens, it doen't make connection or whatsoever… Anyone knows why or how to solve it (my portable drive contains many movies and series wich I really like to see on a bigger screen than my desktop). Thx

  7. R D

    If I add USB stick to my TV can I download the apps onto it just I have run out of internal storage can’t download any apps and can’t delete any

  8. Jamil Rehman K

    Hello please help me my USB is not showing in my Samsung TV when I connect my USB to tv after that I click on media p it say first connect the USB please help me what to do I have check my USB it's 100 ok


    Samsung TV and a Seagate 8TB. What UBS do you plug it into? HDD 5V 1A or HDD 5V 0.5A. Also the connections are on the side of the TV. Does a plug in Seagate make a difference. I have Seagate 1TB that plugs into my BlueRay and it works fine but it gets its power from the BlueRay. How did you bring up the navigation panel.

  10. Yggdrasil

    All nice and fancy, but still I haven't found a demo video of how to eject the drive like you do on a PC. I wouldn't want to corrupt my files due to removing the drive while the light is still on.

  11. Style Havoc

    It's nice to see you still replying to questions, I have one. For the movies that you have on your HDD directly plugged into the TV like in the video, is there a way to enable subtitles for those movies as well when watching them on the TV?

  12. Iain Black

    I have a Seagate 4tb Backup Plus and I use it to record tv progs. To play some of my recordings I'm being asked for a 4 digit pin. I can't find where that pin number is or how to set it. Can you help please?

  13. Wladimir Ambrosini

    Hi, I connected one USB 3.0 Hard disk and when I unplugged it with TV switched off and I connected again to laptop with Windows 10, the drive was not accessible. Does exist any procedure in oredr to don't loose all data and read again the files into hard drive with Windows 10?

  14. DJ Calzar

    This works brilliantly if you are using a HDD that draws power from the tv. However if like me you have a powered External HDD like My Book 1140 then the tv will see it once and then on switching the tv back on it's gone. Sadly advice from Samsungs UK Helpdesk who at my suggestion of using a powered hub should fix the issue. £10 down and it didn't work. If there is a solution I am all ears. My model is UE40MU6120 (Series 40)

  15. dwhittin

    I plug my external hard disk with video files directly into the USB port on my ASUS router. This makes the files available to any device on my network including the Samsung Smart TV's. The router shows up on the sources bar just like the Playstation and Xbox in the above video, just select it using your remote then it shows you the directories and files available.

  16. Thant Aung

    How did you get the video to display thumbnails or cover art? Is it because you only have MP4 files? Have you ever tried loading MKV files on it and got cover art to display? It's kind of annoying all my MKV files are showing up with a generic thumbnail and I can't arrange it in a neat list to read the titles.

  17. jc2367

    Bit of an odd question but is there a way to add an external storage device icon to the Samsung Tv's media bar, so that you can bypass going to source each time? I have a sandisk ultra fit usb drive that i use; and it in fact is shown on my Samsung tv as an "Ultra Fit" icon. When i fist started using it there was no icon and then one day it just popped. i have no idea how i did it or why it was done, but would like to do the same for a samsung plus usb drive i now own. Thanks

  18. no one

    that's great and all but how the hell do you safely remove it. I cant find the damn answer anywhere. everywhere I look it say select the tools option. but there is no tools option. I have the samsung q70 tv

  19. marusmedia

    Hello, thanks for your video! Tell me please , how to change the location of my sharing files (Music, Pictures, Playlists and Videos)?! I wanna share a entire drive not this folders from My doc! Thanks for your answear!

  20. Joseph Bonin

    Samsung told me to hook up a 1tb only to the tv there was a comment I read about hooking up a 4tb to it that didn't sound wise I would find out the specs 1st about how big in size the external drive can be so you don't overload the tv memory

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