How To Configure Home Assistant

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Sorry this one is posted a bit late! In this video, I’ll be talking about how to configure Home Assistant. In the coming weeks, I’ll cover more advanced topics like passing information in from your phone, templating, and advanced scripting options. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments, twitter, facebook, my website, etc. Also, check out the Home Assistant website and resources linked below. It’s an invaluable source that’ll help as you’re getting started.


Home Assistant Website –
GitHub –
Gitter Chatroom –
Fourm –

Intro – 0:00
Demo Configuration Review – 0:45
Best Known Methods – 01:55
Home Assistant Review – 02:30
Configuring via WinSCP – 03:05
Adding a Component to HA – 04:27
Restarting Home Assistant Method 1 – 04:50
Configuring via a Network Share – 05:10
Log Analysis – 05:53
Restarting Home Assistant Method 2 – 06:38
Next Steps – 07:10
Automation Review – 07:34
First Automation – 08:39
Group, Scenes, Scripts – 10:30
Wrap Up – 11:08

— The Tech I Use —

—Favorite Pi Parts—
Raspberry Pi 3 –
Case –
SD Card –
Power Supply –
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 –
NodeMCU ESP8266 Chip –

27 Replies to “How To Configure Home Assistant”

  1. John Clayton

    I love the information you bring to us. But I am SO TIRED of YouTuber's that are so talented at video editing, but forget to make their audio even across the board from post-to-post and cut-to-cut within a post. Please, pay more attention to your audio levels! I would appreciate it. I am 60 years old. I have to turn up my audio to hear one part of your post that is low-volume then the next cut is very loud and I have to turn it down real quick so I don't upset my sleeping wife or my neighbors. PLEASE!!! Love your channel though and I am learning a TON from you. I am helping a friend automate his house, (I rent so mine is limited) 10 hours away in Florida. You rock!

  2. Spykid

    HELP! from some reason i cannot connect to my pi using LAN but only WiFi devices , my Pi is connected trough WiFi to my network , my PC connected trough LAN same network , maybe it is because my LAN carry name "X" and my WiFi carry name "Y" on the same network router ?? tried many times, without a success, please advise , Thx!

  3. 1kreature

    This is so broken.
    Perfect example of why this never catches on.
    You elegantly skate over how to effing access your configuration file! Do you shut down your entire pi/server and take out the card?
    Did you magically manage to enable the samba plugin or are you using the non working web type config editor?
    You don't say but your configuration files are never in the same place on your local computer in any of your examples. They seem to be in temporary download locations or other shit.

  4. Pascal Leprevost

    Hi Ben, I'm new to HA which I installed on my Raspberry Pi Zero W (Hassbian). I have some roller blinds which I control with wiringPi and Rc-switch but I can't figure out how to call the Rc-switch from HA. Can you help? Thanks

  5. larry canatsey

    This is probably off topic but currently, my setup is all Zwave running on the Homeseer Hub, It runs flawlessly. I'm attempting to try Hassio with sonoff wifi but I have around 20 2gig sensors that are 345 mhz and wondering if anyone has gotten to work in home assistant or homeseer?

  6. Saarah Patel


    i am using the WinSCP method to view files, i searched for configuration.yaml file as i could not find it in the regular places and found 2 instances, is this correct? or have i installed 2 instances :



  7. byte sized

    Great videos! You're probably aware of this, but I use the NppFTP plugin for notepad++. This plugin essentially lets you login to your target (rasberry pi) and view/edit any file on the file system without ever leaving notepad++. It's really awesome. I used to go back and forth between notepad++/putty/WinSCP. Now I just use this plugin to edit files on remote targets. I've been putting off trying to install home assistant for a long time, but I'm finally biting the bullet and using your videos to get through the process. Keep up the great work!

  8. Vicente Cândido

    I can connect a switch (433mhz) through this command, typing directly into the putty.
    / home / pi / wiringPi / 433Utils / RPi_utils / codesend 9999999 1 351
    Directly on the console the lamp turns on.

    But when I use the switch below, in configuration.yaml, nothing happens.

    – platform: command_line
      friendly_name: "Socket 1"
      command_on: '/ home / pi / wiringPi / 433Utils / RPi_utils / codesend 9999999 1 351'
      command_off: '/ home / pi / wiringPi / 433Utils / RPi_utils / codesend 0000011 1 351'

    Help me, for God's sake, because I'm almost giving up, and I do not know anyone with this knowledge.

  9. Aris Saraiva

    Thanks very much for your videos, I´m very noobie on this and I´m struglling to add a device. I´ve made the installation as you said, but when I put the code in the yaml file I still can´t find any device, what do you think it´s going on? In my case I´m trying to add broadlink.

  10. Michael Shaffer

    Watched so many of your videos. You deliver the content in such a efficient yet pleasurable manner that I find myself watching videos about subject matter that i already know. Thank you for keeping it fun!!

  11. dablet00

    please show how to set up the Fibaro water sensor to send an email once water leak is detected. i cant find anything helpful. and how to link the home assistant to my envisalink home alarm.

  12. Bob Walberg

    i have installed haspian, run winscp on an old pc but on home i found 2 directories homeassistant and pi but both are empty. Homeassistant is working so it must be placet on another directory but which?

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