How to: Charge parrot drone. FLASHING LIGHT FIX!!

I recently bought a parrot bebop drone and the batteries would flash. It wouldn’t charge whatsoever. This is a solution called trickle charging. It takes time and will be frustrating but you have to believe me it works.

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  1. Sylvester Taylor

    OK! my turn, I was just having the same situation for the past couple of days with the flashing red light coming on after a few seconds after connecting the battery into the charger and plugging the charger into the socket, and this was with my (Parrot Disco) charger and not the BeBop lol. After just one attempt of removing the plug from the wall after seeing the red light blinking I quickly plugged it back into the socket and it fokin works!! 🙂

  2. Kenny Jakova

    You are the fucking best thank you for taking the time to help me out, it worked just like you said it would and people don't give up because it really works, thanks again, be well!

  3. john welsh

    Ok so it's been 3hrs now and no joy, 2 batteries which have been boxed up for 2years and not used. I'm determined to get them working. Just ordered a new battery so I can do the false charge trick next.

  4. Curtis Bowser

    This method works because for the 10 seconds every time you plug it back in or flip the power strip switch it is charging the battery. So after so long it gets to a point where the charger finally notices it has juice and remains charging. I wish I had one that was good so I didn't have to spend half a day doing this. lol I have 4 completely dead ones. Once I get one to fully charge then I'll trick the rest of them.

  5. deLeon

    Awesome! This method worked! Bought my bebop new and none of the batteries had a charge. Parrot didn't want to do anything for me and I thought I had wasted my money. Thanks for the video!

  6. Roger Hearn

    Worked after about 20 attempts. Solid red light. It also works by plugging it into a wall socket and switching on and off when the red lights starts flashing. Many thanks for posting.

  7. xapim1

    I have 3 batteries (1200mah) and 2 chargers (one charger came with the parrot csky controller) luckily one of the batteries was charging on one of the chargers but blinking on the other one and both the other 2 batteries were blinking i have a motorcycle 12v battery charger and gave the batteries a kick when i measured them they were 1.2v so the charger would not charge even with the kick nothing happened same red blinking light what i ended up doing that worked was swap the working battery quickly to a bad one without letting the light go off and it worked measured the working battery 11.20v repeated the procedure in the other charger with the bad battery also worked measured both bad batteries went from 1.2v to 7.2v in just a couple of minutes and the both batteries seem to be charging now at least not blinking anymore i watched a video about how the lithium ion polimer batteries work and the conclusion i took from it was charge the batteries to the max then use them untill almost discharged do not charge them when they are still half full because the cells are unbalanced and the charger doesnt know that and it will kill the batteries time usage

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