How to Build an App for the Google Assistant

FYI: API.AI changed its name to Dialogflow!

Apps for the Google Assistant are the gateway for your users to engage with your services through Google Home, Android phones, iPhones, and in the future, through every experience where the Google Assistant is available.

In this video, @greenido shows you how to use API.AI and build an assistant app in less than 10 minutes.

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30 Replies to “How to Build an App for the Google Assistant”

  1. Benjamin Tobias

    I’m a designer working on Google Assistant. If you’re a developer for Actions on Google you might want to check out “Are You Feeling Lucky?”, a game that my team built using an Actions template. It’ll give you an idea of what’s possible.

  2. Pit J.

    Can I use my app offline? I want just to use offline phone contact and Google assistant. If no, why I did download offline google assistant? Something is very wrong with all of google software except search engine. Without offline calling feature of Google assistant evrething have not any logic. "Hey Google. Call my mam" will not work in desert!

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