How to automate lights with Motion Lighting 2: Advanced Options

Take your Motion Lighting to the next level with advanced options to customize your lighting automations. Motion Lighting Apps are included as part of your Hubitat Elevation.

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  1. Robert Morris

    At 3:21 I notice he says that "Additional motion sensors: null" means that you have selected additional motion senors that will "nullify" the light/switch-off portion of the automation. That doesn't seem right to me. I suspect he didn't really select a motion sensor (or it didn't get saved for some reason), and the string value the app displayed was here was "null." I finally dug into using this app myself (definitely needed this video to figure out what the options in this last section meant, as they aren't clear from the UI), and it shows the name of the sensor I selected as an "additional" motion sensor instead of "null," as I expect.

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