How to auto start homebridge on Boot Up

On this episode of Crazy Will Tech Show, I tell you how to auto start homebridge on Boot Up. I walk you through the step by step Setting up Homebridge to Start on Boot up. Using Tim Leland’s codes and tutorial.

Auto start Homebridge Notes

ssh pi@
ssh-keygen -R

Homebridge New location

end program on auto start = sudo systemctl stop homebridge

Start program on auto start = sudo systemctl start homebridge

5 Replies to “How to auto start homebridge on Boot Up”

  1. Gerry Yates

    Bummer, I followed this exactly, but Homebridge won't start with the last start command (sudo systemctl start homebridge). I don't know enough yet to troubleshoot this. At least I didn't seem to break it, as it still starts normally with just typing in "homebridge".

  2. DJL61

    Works great!!! I was using the ios app homebridge for raspberry pi, it would work for a few days then crash and you would have to set it up over again, that got old fast.
    Thanks for the research and making the videos.

  3. Cyrulean

    sweet! i like this method, im getting a pi3+ soon and its going to be my homebridge.
    Quick question, well i hope its quick, what is the deal with using a new apple TV as a homekit/homebridge? i just got one and was wondering how it all fits.

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