30 Replies to “How to arrange LG Smart TV internal receiver channels on PC & setup satellite. Program URL attached”

  1. Iftikhar Ul Hassan

    Please tell about full method/rewiew LG Smart TV internal receiver dish setting on PC & setup satellite,
    how to connect "SETTLITE TV" with Dish Antina (would it be connect dish antina cable direct with TV?
    Is there simple dish antinna will be required for settlite tv uk6400/uk6300 made in egypt?
    Is it works in Pakistan for PakSat and AsiaSat,I have Lg 6400 made in egypt?
    Please tell whole a to z. Thanks!

  2. Mihovil

    I transfered satellite channels from another lg tv via usb and at first it shows the channel list than erases everything, tried for many times and it happens everytime, help please

  3. ABAADY 27

    هل هو امن توصيل التلفزيون بكيبل الستلايت لأن عامل تركيب الرسيفرات نصحني بعدم توصيله خوفاً اذا صار إلتماس راح يخرب التلفزيون ؟

  4. lunameowl

    How can I change the number of a channel!? like in my favorites list the channels jump between 1012/800 and such but I want the 1012 channel to have the number 8 for example. Please help!

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