How to add Z-Wave sensors to Ring Alarm

Adding a third-party Z-Wave sensor to Ring Alarm is easy. We show you how and explain why it might not make sense. Ring Alarm review: Ring Alarm on Amazon:

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  1. Ram B

    Can I add third party sensors and simply be notified by the app when they trigger? I understand they aren't trusted enough to sound the alarm or call anyone, but is there no configuration that will allow the app to just notify me?

    On an unrelated note, can Ring's contact sensor be activated by another contact sensor by wiring them together? My house has old contact sensors and glass break sensors hardwired down to an outdated security panel in the basement. It would be nice to reuse them since they are invisible, and even better if I could hook up several hardwired sensors to a single Ring sensor. That way I could just buy one Ring sensor for every clustered set of windows in the same room.

  2. larry musgrove

    Well that's a deal-breaker. Wish I would have known that before I bought the starter package that came with two keypads ,3 contact sensors, and two motion sensors for 299.00. When I called there product support line, I did inquired before I purchased. I asked if I could use third-party zwave sensors the answer was yes. They sure didn't bother to let me know about the this major drawback . I was leaving Wink security I had setup. My thinking was that I was getting a better deal with a more simple security system. I have many Dome contact sensors and motion sensors already threw out my home and Shop. These little sensors are not cheap. I was hoping they would work until I had a chance to replace them with all ring sensors. I will now be taking this ring Security starter kit back to Best Buy now. Thank you ring. The way I see it if I buy your stuff with my money and pay for your monitoring service, then any sensor that is allowed to be configured with the system should work the same as one of your official sensors. So you're going to let me get robbed blind because I didn't use one of your official sensors, well that's a big middle finger to your customers. It is now obvious to me that all you are concerned with is how much money you can make off of your loyal customers . Shame on you. You know I was going to buy a lot more of your official sensors come payday that's okay I will look elsewhere now. I'll will now replace all 8 your cameras I have with Arlo or nest. I was also looking into buying 3 of your flood light cameras for my shop. Well you can keep those as well.

  3. enynite

    Some alarm systems allow sensors to be configured to trigger an alarm or just chime for off vs home vs away. Is there a config option to make the 3rd party z wave sensor trigger alarm. Just checking…

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