How to Active Track Mavic Mini

How to Active Track Mavic Mini is being tested in this video with Litchi Beta App for Android. I finally managed to do Mavic Mini Vision Tracking on my Electric Unicycle.

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48 Replies to “How to Active Track Mavic Mini”

  1. Don Simpson

    The mm remote control speaker magnet causes issues with GPS compass so i ordered a mount to elevate it from the remote GPS now locks on flawlessly and is very accurate hope this helps..

  2. Steven Shackelford

    Not sure why so many like active track? I had hoped for Litchi Waypoints, but I read that is a NO GO – Ever. Sad… very sad ! Nice testing on the active track. Like your 1 wheel ride! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glenn O.

    I was out this afternoon trying out the Litchi app. "Follow" worked fine but "tracking" did nothing.
    P.S. Where do I find the footage I shot with Litchi? Isn't it automatically uploaded (downloaded?) to my phone?

  4. unclenevs

    Hey mate, soon to test my first mini flight outside but live in a pretty congested inner city area. Wondering if the signal range extender/controller addon attachments being sold on ebay are effective? Would be interested in seeing you test them.

  5. Paul Pocevicius

    Is it possible that since you say it follows the remote on tracking, that you were getting those glitchy accuracy numbers because you were sitting in you car when you tried to set it? Just wondering. Love your videos. Cheers from Canada.

  6. Luis Palacios

    You have made three videos so far and you haven’t nailed it. You should practice at home before recording and uploading. For the drone to follow you, after making the square around you, you should have selected the first button of the left-hand side (the one with the arrow) for telling the drone to follow you.

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