How Sony wins E3 2019 by not playing

E3 2019 might be the beginning of the end of the gaming convention thanks to Playstation
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I do want the Days of Play PS4, though.

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22 Replies to “How Sony wins E3 2019 by not playing”

  1. Binary Arcadia

    Hi all ?

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    What did you think about Sony skipping E3 2019? ?

    A strategic masterclass- given that Microsoft’s conference ended up falling a bit flat… or was it a bit arrogant, against the spirit of one of the gaming industry’s biggest occasions? ?

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    I belive we need E3, even if it's only as a date to exhibits games. E3 at least pressure others to do big conferences where hypes concentrate, specially around E3 dates, and also makes developers to try to become better by incite them to show off. Sony is surely will appear next year anyway since it's the best place to show their next console.

  3. SigmaShockHD

    Sony won by proving that the industry can't survive on one main console company. No disrespect to Nintendo but they're not part of the Xbox/PS Console Connection. Pepsi – Coke type deal.

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