How Rwanda Built A Drone Delivery Service

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Writer, Narrator & Cameraman: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Milo’s Journey – Sum Wave
Soft Glare – Mar Vei
Waltzer – Dye O
Sydney Sleeps Alone Tonight [Silk Music]
Discoverers 1 – Gunnar Johnsén

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42 Replies to “How Rwanda Built A Drone Delivery Service”

  1. Satya Kartik

    Even it was started in 2016, it is disappointed for me to know this great technology so late that is saving thousands of lives there. This nation and technology inspiration for the rest of the world. Thank you so much dear REAL ENGINEERING Community for your valuable knowledge.

  2. Seldrix

    It's so crazy to rewatch this video! I work at Zipline now; great to see how much has changed. Also the drones depicted here just got retired this past week!

  3. M Mm

    Rwanda has been consume by france and now frencj kids they can test it there, if anyone injured they will pay nothing,,, Rwanda hungry , feed this people first not to get sick, lol

  4. Maria DelaCruz

    Rwanda is so innovative its gonna change into Wakanda in 100 years.
    Im so happy for them cos they have brilliant people thats minds are set into innovations for the general public's betternes.
    I hope my country has too, but our government is corrupt and our people are shortsighted. 🙁

  5. Maria DelaCruz

    3rd world country Rwanda limited funds but having an innovative medical delivery process for the general betterness.
    While 1st world country america with alot of resources is so busy destroying themselves with racism, violence, illogical entitlement and mass shooting.

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