How my Drone Automatically follows me | Bitupon Saikia | Assamese Vlog

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2019.

In this video, I am trying to answer a few questions you guys asked. I am also showing the Active track feature of Dji drones. I am showing how my DJI spark drone automatically follows me while I am riding a bike.

I hope you’ll like the video.

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37 Replies to “How my Drone Automatically follows me | Bitupon Saikia | Assamese Vlog”

  1. Ride__For__Ever

    Bitupon da.. mur ata horu YouTube channel ase 1 year hol aji loika monetization Hua nai .. I thank ru bht year nhobo pare.. jode bht year hoi jai teteya PST monetization hobo na baru.. plzz ans debo sn baru..


    YouTube r YouTuber xkolr jitu gut ase xei gut tr pora nagorikoto bideyok aain khn batil korar bbe xklu mili potibad kork…kron aji kli xklue besi koi YouTube use kre..logote xkl mili potibad hisaape akloge video ata bonai uplod krk…

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