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So how much ram do we really need on our devices?? In particular on a Android TV Box or even on a phone.

This is my perspective!! ? Let me know yours!!




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  1. Ahness Qritik

    Thanks for the tip on ram, but how about the amount of storage space? Can we also purchase a lesser 16gb and then improve it by adding it thru to card? Is the external memory mergeable with internal memory on this Android boxes? Pls advise?

  2. Fello Foe

    Mine a 3328, same chip maybe higher, not sure, but it's a 4 core, "Quad" core, it has 4GB of lpddr4 RAM and yes it does make a difference.
    Though yes, the chip we have isn't as good "as fast" as the 905x which is the one I had before this Android Box, and it was good, but only had 1.8 GB of RAM.
    So it lagged. Lol.
    I do agree with you though, the new S912, oh man, they are usually,now not always, Octa cores, 8 core chips, I know arm says all of the S912's are but that isn't always the case.
    Read carefully, when buying from GearBest, and other places, like Amazon.
    Also a hint, DO NOT buy from GearBest, not the most reliable, when it comes to what's what in the description of the item being sold.

  3. Steve Yzerman

    Hi Roberto! Nice video!

    What do you think about the Formuler ZX?
    (Quad Core ARM Cortex A53)
    (15000 CPU DMIPS)
    RAM 1GB (DDR4)
    Storage 8GB eMMC

    What is your opinion on this box? I Just want it to stream IPTV but I am worried about the RAM.


  4. Humayun Azim Khan

    Dear Mr Roberto I was searching for this answer for a couple of months n you made it very clear to me 2GB ddr3 is sufficient to use TV box so I can't thank you enough for your help and information may God bless you always. Thanks again

  5. McLeodclansman

    I have a 1 gig ram android box and a 4.4 MBps connection. Most of my 720p IPTV streams play nicely, but 1080p streams lag and buffer a lot. Would upgrading to more ram change that or is that what I get with such connection?

  6. MaximusJohal

    I have MINI MX and spent £40, at first it was nice but now with nothing on its laggy, i reset it and its still the same, i realised its the updates no indication of its downloading stuff unless you buy a wireless mouse remote. I have to leave it for at least 20min to get decent playback and smooth movements. During playback it can randomly switch apps off. I do not recommend this device, pay a little more and get a 3gb ram version.

  7. Carl

    pretty funny listening to people ask how much memory is enough. wait till you get one and find out there is nothing in it and we don't have a clue how to make it work and you tube is magical bull crap when you think you can follow along to make anything run. if everything in the background isnt fixed everything they show you wont work these boxes are for programmers not consumers

  8. Poli-blog Assassins

    If you're Polish and want to use a t.v. box as a desktop pc then yeah go for 2gb ram, if you're using it just for movie streaming, you can easily run 4k video streams, and multiple backround apps like VPNs or whatever with total ease, a sky q box that's the latest sattelite tv box, does that plus records multiple events with around 600mb ram so 1gb is more than enough for an android TV box to be used as it's supposed to be.

  9. Jason de Souza

    hi Roberto. my nexsmart d32 box is 1g+8g mali 400 and rk3229. when I play 1080p files from a thumbdrive, playback is smooth at least 90% of the time. but when I play 720p movies/shows from terrarium, live tv APKs or kodi, playback is noticeably choppier. plus I have also experienced movies freezing or movie switiching back to to scrape source screen during movie playback in terrarium. is this due to my box's ram rom & cpu? thanks

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