How much money could I sell my Tesla Model 3 for?

How much money could I sell my Tesla Model 3 for? Apparently Tesla Model 3s are holding their value much better than other cars, but how true actually is this? Today we’re going to see what the internet thinks my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ is worth now it is no longer brand new. 🔔 Subscribe so you never miss a video!
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22 Replies to “How much money could I sell my Tesla Model 3 for?”

  1. mona putin

    At the beginning when u said the new one now is cheaper, Its not cheaper. Its that the pound is a bit stronger than it was. One pound is worth more than when u first purchased the car.

  2. Pistachio Disguisey

    Model 3’s msrp start for $35k but the average cheapest one is like $38k starting, and the used one from a few years ago I haven’t seen below $37,000, but that’s cash so even after adding full self driving you’d be saving a ton

  3. Jaxson Moe

    If you were to know what you know now, what would you change about the features? Would you change it to long range. Would you get white interior? Would you get different wheels?

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