How Miles Morales Became Spider-Man | Origins (Spider-Man PS4)

► Miles Morales Origins | Marvel’s Spider-Man

In ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’, Miles’ father is killed by Mr. Negative’s suicide bombers during an attack at Mayor Osborn’s rally. To help him cope with the loss, Peter helps him get a job at F.E.A.S.T., a homeless assistance group. While helping the May Parker, Miles is bitten by an experimental Oscorp spider, one which came with Mary Jane after she investigated Oscorp. Later, Miles reveals his new powers to Peter, who in return reveals his identity.

• Evolution of the Miles Morales mod:
• Spider-Man PS4 Ending:
• Miles Meets Spider-Man:
• History of Spider-Man Games:

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41 Replies to “How Miles Morales Became Spider-Man | Origins (Spider-Man PS4)”

  1. Markelo

    How to become Spiderman

    1) Get fit and muscular
    2) become really smart in school especially in Science
    3) let your uncle die
    4) live with your aunt
    5) Create a red suit


  2. DOoggo -

    I'm not delighted about having Miles in the new spider-man game, I'd like just Peter in general
    But hey, I don't mind playing as 2 spider-mans in the next one just like GTA V letting me play 3 characters

  3. Timmy Dukez

    When a game invests so much emotion and stretches out its characters like this, it just gets me. In return I’m invested in them and really into it when the action hits. Games need to be more like that…

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