How long to charge a 2011/2012 Nissan Leaf?

(UPDATE! the 2013 and newer Leafs charge faster than what I have listed here)Many people ask me how long it takes to charge a Nissan Leaf. There is no quick, easy way to accurately answer that question. So I’ve made this video explaining the different EVSE options such as level 1, level 2, and level 3 charing, along with some real life examples.

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  1. George

    Just wait till 2021 when the 2018 leaf which has 150 miles or a 40 kilowatt battery will go down in price, for now I have a 2015 with a home charger in the next two months for now it has a level 3 charger which can be charged for free at the Nissan dealer in 20 minutes.

  2. Shanon

    It takes 4+ hours. It's fine if you preplan things but not everybody can wait around for 4 hrs and do nothing. You would be screwed if you had an emergency and are low on fuel/power. Gasoline and Deisel will never die out like Propane.

  3. John Woodell

    The charger is in the vehicle for Level 1& 2, so you could say "charge cable or charge station." Also, voltage will always vary, so your should use 120, 240 (not 110, 220), so that the kW conversion makes sense.

  4. Jachin Rivers

    Picked up a used 2013 LEAF S earlier this spring for commuting to work. The feeling of not going to the gas station or worrying about the cost of extra errands is really understated. I think a lot of people are missing out on how incredibly useful these little cars are especially as an supplemental vehicle. Range is never an issue as we can just take the gas guzzlers if we need to go farther.

  5. Steven Theisen

    <50 miles is easily achieved on 120v at home. If you have a 120v available at work, too. 80 miles is pretty darn easy to achieve. The car is pretty much just sitting there 20+ hours a day, may as well be plugged in.

  6. Ramon Cardona

    Time to charge is not the issue. How the car is used is. Students, commuters, small to medium size cities, retirees, etc. that drive short distances and have a second car can use the Leaf s d charge at home. Car is parked 22 hrs each day. New stuff scares people but not paying $2,400 a yr for gasoline makes the think!! Love my '11 Leaf so much U got a new battery! Better than new!!!

  7. John David

    You said that for people that drive more than 75-100 miles, an electric car is not for them.But a Tesla Model S or 3 will fit their needs with almost 400miles range on one charge.

  8. Tux Solbakk

    Some numbers from me: I live in the cold mountains of Norway, and drive to work every day. 50 km (31 miles) each way, and it is hilly. When I drive, I do not drive overly economic, but also, I do not drive like crazy. At winter when I have the heater on all the time down to -20C (-4F) in this hilly terrain, I use about 40% of the battery each way. I charge at work, and at home, and the battery is always full when I start to drive 🙂

  9. Rachelle Marie

    I LOVE my new Nissan Leaf! Perfect car for meee! loved your simple explanation too … I get weird questions about it all the time & some haters but mostly compliments more than anything <3<3<3

  10. Jordan

    Good video 8-Bit Guy! Quick question though. What about people who live in an apartment environment but still don't have to drive long distances to work, occasionally going for long trips every once and a while?

  11. Huk Chone

    I just bought Nissan Leaf. My car EVSE socket is not same as normal socket. What should I do ? Can I cut it at the top and put normal home wall outlet socket ? Im living in Japan.

  12. Tony Nameless

    Imagine you forgot to charge your car and then you wake up like
    "man i got to charge my car for 8hrs before i can get to work and back"
    much worse situation then "man i got to go to gas station and pump gas for 1 minute"

    Cant argue with the advantage of battery operated cars. Just cant.

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