How long do Roomba Robot Vacuums last!?!

I have owned 3 Roombas. A Red, a 2.1 Blue, and a 520 (or maybe it’s a 530). I gave away my 2.1 after 4 years and it was still working! I still have my 10 year old Roomba Red and my 7 year old Roomba 520! Both still work great! All they have needed over the years was brushes, filters, and batteries.

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  1. Tazzamania

    I do not have a roomba but I have a neato XV pro , I bought it used and its been around since 2012, I had to get it a new battery and still works pretty good. Sometimes it docks sometimes it don't but works pretty good for the most part/

  2. IGotYourBack

    Glad your Roombas have lasted. I had 3 Roomba Discovery’s (One white, two dark grey) back in the day. The white Roomba died a few months in, IRobot gave me a grey one. The grey one died immediately after the warranty. Then I purchased another, my 3rd unit, which died a month after it’s warranty. I gave up on robotic vacuums for years…until the technology improved. My Dyson 360 Eye is Going into it’s 3rd year and is trouble free.

  3. mcbrite

    My Roomba Discovery lasted for 4 or 5 cleanings… That's with a thorough cleaning of the Roomba between each run… I shit you not…
    Oh, how long did my Scooba 390 last, I hear you ask? 2 cleanings…

    I opened both up, tried to repair them, no luck… (used german and english forums to diagnose faults).

    Long story short: Fuck iRobot… Got a neato D85 (D80) on the way now with 5 years of warranty…

    PS: I'm literally STUNNED to hear how long your Roombas lasted… Also, I have ZERO pets, live seperately from my girlfriend and have hardwood floors everywhere in my flat… So compared to your house, my home should have been paradise for the Roomba/Scooba…

  4. Anangke

    I need one of those but they are so expensive. 🙁 I can't see paying $500 for a vacuum. plus mine would get clogged with cat hair two seconds after I turn it on lol

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