How I lost my DJI Mavic Air after only having it for 24hrs – Story Time

A story about how I lost my DJI Mavic Air in New Orleans after I just bought it from Best Buy 24 hours before…

I had been wanting a drone for photography and video for a few months now and finally decided to bite and purchase the DJI Mavic Air instead of the Pro and the New Autel drone that hasn’t come out yet. I was so hyped and wanted to get one before my trip to New Orleans to speak at The Family Narrative Conference –
So I got the go-ahead to buy my drone the day before we left. I rushed to Best Buy picked up the regular kit instead of the FLY MORE kit because they didn’t have any more in stock. Took it out the box got it all updated and stuff. Jumped on a plane. Touched down in New Orleans And attempted to jump straight into the deep end, in the French Quarters of New Orleans!

Big thanks to the friendly staff at Audubon Cottages in New Orleans for being so gracious, patient, and helping me get my done back!

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28 Replies to “How I lost my DJI Mavic Air after only having it for 24hrs – Story Time”

  1. Manuel Jordan jr

    I bought a mavic spark then flown it in long beach and it lost signal then also landed on a roof of a 3 floor building then after I got worried and no one was there to help me then i just run to frys electronics and buy another drone but the mavic air then i tie a fishing line to it and a fish hook 😂 that i had (i fishing at the beach) then i fly the mavic air to recoved ther little drone the way I would catch fish 😂😂

  2. Romeo

    The lady immediately took on the opportunity to fill in the market niche 🤣 of drone resque.
    PS. Next time try to help ladies with ladders (they're quite heavy).
    PPS. Nice footage and good lesson for all of us.

  3. Dennis Sotelo

    I had the same thing but what happened was that i got the drone far but it all of the sudden it got super windy so the drone to come back home it had to use way more power than it would normally take it ended a few blocks short of getting home and it auto landed but it landed right on the edge of the roof so it flipped over and it hit the corner of an air conditioner so it broke bad, but 90 dollars in parts later it was like brand new again this was the phantom 3 pro i had to replace the whole shell of the body, the plate that holds the gimbal and the camera lens wich also broke i got super lucky nothing expensive broke i had it for years and always flew it far and let it come home by itself and this was the only incident that i ever had so the drone is super reliable i trusted more than i should

  4. nodoubtjd111

    At least you had the guards on it. On my first day, I flew it flawlessly all day then decided to do a show and tell in the living room. The sensors caused it to get contrary and it rammed into the wall as I was trying to figure out how to grab it. Too late. It didnt hurt it fortunately. Glad you got yours back. Second video I watched today where it auto landed and sent the owner into panic trying to find it. I would not recommend flying a Mavic in your living room with poor GPS like I did.

  5. Az Az

    Drones will be banned in the near future for recreational use because of people exactly like you… They buy drones, don't follow the rules or practice and this stuff happens. Imagine that drone landed on a person or child or a car while it was driving. So stupid

  6. Jeremy Rush

    Very first night with my brand new alpine white DJI Mavic Air…turns on and flies into my porch ceiling. I went all of .032 seconds without ruining 4 propellers and scratching my beautiful baby! Fortunately no incidents since.

  7. Josh's Lawn Care

    Wow man that’s awesome that they helped you out with that. Have you had any more issues with loss of connection of it. I’ve been reading up on the mavic airs and watching videos about the video feed keeps going out. I was considering buying one but after what I’ve read I’m not so sure. Maybe the latest update fixed the issue

  8. Tang-Ho

    lost mine yesterday. so damn sad. tried to retrieve it today with the last recorded coordinates but couldn't find it. got it on Black Friday this year so barely had it for a month, barely used it for 2 weeks tbh.

  9. Jeff Cutler

    Why the heck doesn't the FAA look into videos like this? The best thing that could happen to UAV operations is for some big fines to be levied. Can't wait for that to shake out the rule breakers.

  10. mr.305.4real

    I have a few question, What is the best software to use for editing MAVIC AIR Drone on 1080p , and GOPRO 5 BLACK on 1080p on window PC laptop, and desktop computer for beginner? For Cinematic, Dolly Zoom, Color Grading, and Color Correction Also include with video, Photo, and songs or music that's included with in the software? That I can share on social media Facebook, Instagram, and especially YouTube. Wanted to do vacations jet skis snorkeling videos and photos photos, and local event. I love your channel and thank you in advance.

  11. Ike Oliver

    I was wondering what's the best drones for me I want the mavic pro 2 but I think the mavic air is the best one for me it do more things, I am glad that you found your drone bro now I got to buy one, I want 1 so BAD

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