How family friendly is the Tesla Model X?

A lot has been said about the speed and green credentials of the Model X but how well does Tesla’s new pure-electric, seven seat SUV cope with two parents, two children, buggy, bags… and grandma?

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  1. Riyad Kalla

    I loved this review – trying to fit child seats is no joke, they are huge. I used to think our Pilot was big until we had kids. Model S wasn’t big enough so we got a minivan. The easiest time we had fitting car seats was with a truck oddly enough.

  2. Harris Avan

    Lol tge thing we learn Families are Mess to travel with, not cars, and Tesla no way. Wouldn’t it be easier if he just drove out with the wife or wives for that matter? lol exactly.

  3. Ultralagger R.E.V

    What is special is that a showroom employee at my nearest Tesla showroom told my dad that the falcon wings are so heavy that it uses a small electric motor to operate the car and I love the sound the falcon wings do, it is very futuristic

  4. Agent piggles

    what i am confused about, and if anyone can answer my question please do, i was configurating a model x online and it shows when you option on the seven seats the second row middle seat is smaller than the other seats, and the seats are a bench, n videos and pictures i have seen it shows that the middle seat in the second row has a bigger middle seat, and it is not a bench but they do not offer this option online. i also have a model x with two rows, and it has a bench so this makes sense because it is only two rows. thank you for your help

  5. Martyn Warren

    Close all the seats at the touch of a button? Which you had to scroll through menus to get to. I like the touch screen thing but when you know your car and want to turn the heater up using the knob you can do it without looking. Can’t beat buttons and knobs. I find the touch screen thing just there because they can. Cars should allow you to focus on the road not scrawl through menus and sub menus to change radio station or turn the air con on.

  6. berniedmj1

    Here in the states, there’s a 40/40 guideline safety rule with kids car seats. If your kids is under 40 inches or under 40 pounds, then there car seats needs to be facing the rear. However, a lot of parents don’t follow these guideline safety rules because it’s a lot easier to put them in their car seats when it’s facing forward. It’s kind of sad if you think about it. Parents convenience over there kids safety.

  7. Alex EPro Æ

    Na ah lm not buying the tesla model model x just when i hang out with my friends tesla model s is a perfectly deal even i can hangout with my family in night time plus its not gonna happen now when i grow even lma have a camero 🙂

  8. Refuso Againo

    This car is also crash tested by the NHSTA to be the safest car they ever had to test. Scored a 10, broke their crash barrier. Next safest car they've ever tested is the Model S. Good video about a guy in Washington State who is in a Model 3, stopped in a traffic line, and someone rear ends him at 40 to 50 mph, no skid marks. I don't know what happened to the teenager who drove straight into him, no brakes, but everyone in his car walked away without a scratch. His cameras and other delicate equipment in the rear storage area weren't even damaged, slightly.

  9. Epic Griffin

    Let's be honest though it may say families and stuff but it's 110k and at that price it really isn't for families it's for people who are willing to spend alot of money on a car. And if I had kids for that price I wouldn't let them even wear bloody shoes in it lol

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