How easy is it to pair the new iPhones to your car?

If you’re one of the ten million people who bought the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, then you no doubt are wondering if it will pair to your car. The pros at put the new phones to the test to learn what type of features these phones offer drivers.
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5 Replies to “How easy is it to pair the new iPhones to your car?”

  1. kasHkan

    all these guys talk more than just go to the point and simply show how to pair it and show if its working such as hands free phone calls and playing your music via iPhone , what is with these tech guys ? just show the process then talk what ever you wanna talk or presenting gadgets

  2. Pogo JayJay

    2014 Infiniti Q50 iPhone 6 Plus pairs once. After the first use no more connection. I would have to literally unpaid the repair each use. Unacceptable for a $1000 phone. My HTC One which was stolen or I'd be using that was 100% compatable.

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