HORIZON ZERO DAWN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Aloy (PS4 Pro)

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and the Horizon Zero Dawn Story Intro and Main Mission 1: A Gift from the Past for PS4 Pro. Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough will include Episode 1, EP 1, Reaction, Review, Story, Aloy, Skills, Crafting, Main Quests, Side Quests, All Missions, Cut Scenes, Cinematics and more until the Ending of the Story Campaign. Thank you Sony for Horizon Zero Dawn!


Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing video game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game will be released worldwide in 2017.

The plot revolves around Aloy, a hunter and archer living in a world overrun by robots. Having been cloistered her whole life, she sets out to discover the dangers that kept her sheltered. The character makes use of ranged, melee weapons and stealth tactics to combat the mechanised creatures, whose remains can also be looted for resources. A skill tree facilitates gameplay improvements. The game features an open world environment for Aloy to explore, divided into tribes that hold side quests to undertake while the main story guides her throughout the whole world.

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  1. theRadBrad

    I appreciate all the support you drop on this one! Thank you for being a part of my YouTube journey so far. Can we top 70k likes on this video? Would be sick to see! Much love.

  2. Abdulkader S

    After 2 years from its release now , I found this bundle that contains the original game, the DLC, and some outfits and bows customization , all for 25 dollars , can anyone tell me if it's worth to be played ? I don't want to buy a game to try it , I want to buy a game that I'm sure I'll enjoy .

  3. D2theZ DeeZee

    I’ve only recently got back into gaming and purchased my first console since the xbox. Gotta say, this game reminds me of a PG sci-fi version of God of War. Instead of playing as the father figure, you play as the child and the first mission is teaching the youngen how to hunt.

  4. STEVEtheP1R4TE

    Living proof that you don't need a room full of equipment to do well on YouTube.
    Excellent gameplay, commentary and just a superb channel! Love watching every video!!!
    Stay awesome Mr Rad!!!

  5. Lotus

    after 2 year and my wallet still in no shape to get a ps4 whilst waiting for the impossible to happen i decided to just watch the gameplay. can't wait anymore.

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