Hook Up External Storage to MXQ PRO 4K & Android TV Box!

In this video I will explain how to connect an external hard drive.

Download ES File Explorer:

Hook Up External Storage to MXQ PRO 4K & Android TV Box! :


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41 Replies to “Hook Up External Storage to MXQ PRO 4K & Android TV Box!”

  1. Jeff Heap

    I am unable to write to my external USB drive. I don't know where to go and allow the USB drive to be writable. I cannot copy files to it or create folders on it while it is plugged into my matricom box

  2. joe stockton

    Hi all
    when i pug in my 32gig usb drive it auto open ES flie explorer
    how do i stop this from happening?

    why does the kodi file exploer not see my 32 gig usb drive even though ES file explorer can see it?

  3. Joseph Ballance

    I have a 2 tb wd hd with 1.1.gb remaining inside this drive after trying to transfer the 5 gb inside to my shield. The shield has plenty space for the 5 gb to hold. It appears the 1.1 gb is all DL apps. Only the data left the 2 tb drive I need to know how I can return the 1.1 gb to the shield. Thank you

  4. John Pinion

    Thanks for the video! Do you have any experience with ext4 formatted drives? Android seems to recognize ntfs drives fine, but movies streaming from the drive stutter badly (and drive access is virtually constant at all times for no apparent reason). Ext4 formatted drives (my preference) which should be recognized – after all, the basis of android is linux – are not recognized at all! Any ideas?

  5. PusabumCanuck

    EFS runs on android, NOT on Kodi. Running "clean" will touch nothing in Kodi, only android. Using clean is for cache files (used for loading apps faster), temp files, and other junk including, sometimes, apps not used in a long time. Get the info right and, note, there is not on piece on info to tell how to transfer files. Any beginner nerd can connect a drive but a nerd would show how to use the hdd connected.

  6. Perry from TestingMom.com

    But my Mbox still says I only have standard internal storage and will not let me use my USB or SD Card for storage for Movie Downloads from software like Show Box? How do I make the Mbox recognize these as INTERNAL Storage? I have tried formatting for Internal use… No luck. So far, the MBox ix marginally operational because of the tiny storage space within and the lack of ability to add storage space, so in my opinion, it stinks

  7. Salmin Awadh

    hi , how are you man, i followed all your videos until i was interested to buy A96Z tvbox and finally i bought it just yesterday received, but i need your help some thing bothered me about it, i have external hard disk of 2TB transcend it have two partition first partition is 1.5TB i put all my movie here and other partition remained 500gb for other files. the issue if i plug in to this TVBOX A96Z is detecting normally but if you go to file explorer and open the movies folder it keep saying loading please wait and stay for long long time and even got error frequently to "wait" or "close it". does it have limit of hard disk reading or it can not read proper, main purpose is to read my hard disk smoothly and watch all my movies easily and explorer my files, i thought this is 2gb ram tvbox would be a little high specs with good proper speed.please what should i do…..!!!!

  8. Youl Tuberr

    Is there any way to connect two hard drives set up as mirrors? Any raid or lvm mirror, any dedicated android app?
    It would be quite nice option to have stored securely your collection of pics, movies, music, anything.
    Any ideas about it?

  9. Luna Star

    Hi, when I connect my external 2tb WD hard drive my MXQ box restarts. Do you happen you know why? It does it several times, I end up having to disconnect the drive. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Ahmad Aldahoud

    hi there
    I have Β DroidBOX M6 I connect external hard drive (500GB) and light up but nothing show in the android box . I already test usb stick and it works perfectly. any idea what is the problem.
    thanks in advance.

  11. Omgwtflmaololrotfl

    how do you play 4k movies from hdd with the box? i have set the settings to 4k resolution but it wont play the movies 4k to my 4k tv. even when playing the movies with kodi or the normal player.

  12. Richard B

    You said in your video you can hook up any size hard drive to an android box. I have A WD 2 tb drive format in NTFS and the system does not see the drive. If I put it in fat 32 it does it sees the drive. Does anyone know what the problem it might be? Leelbox M8S pro

  13. Bill

    I have tried two drives. Both of them seem to work fine under the File Manager but in Kodi, the drives are read-only. I can't figure a way to give write permissions.

  14. mohammad alenzie

    hi i have problem with MXQ Pro 4K. only usb#4 is working when i connect my 1TB HD or my wireles mouse
    but USB #1 &#2 &#3 are not working when i connect the same devices !!

    any soultions are welcomed.


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