Homebridge on Qnap with QTS and container station

This is a quick tutorial on how to get homebridge running using a docker file with Qnaps qts running container station.

Lets make some non-homekit devices work with homekit! … look our siri here we come 😛

Links to the files / commands I talked about….
Example config file:

example install shell

example docker command:

7 Replies to “Homebridge on Qnap with QTS and container station”

  1. Richard Kumlin

    Great tutorial.
    Just one thing if you could put me in the right direction. I am stuck at creating the config file (3:13 in this video). Help is highly appreciated as I would love to get this thing working. By the way. I have a Qnap and have the Homebrige running, but no configs.

  2. Max Blinder

    Thanks for the video, it was very helpful to get me up and running! I'm seeing an issue where every time my QNAP is restarted, the docker folder with configs gets wiped. Any idea why this may be happening?

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