HomeAssitant Dashboard Creation

Hey guys and gals we finally got it done! I had some obstacles to run into on this one. In this video we will be taking a look at how to build your very own HomeAssistant Dashboard using the AppDaemon add-on for HASS. We will be using HASS.IO as our homeassistant installation to make things easier.


Install appdaemon first

Create a touch screen dash board for home assistant

First install HASS.IO

Download image from

Raspberry pi 3 B+

Power Supply

Micro SD Card

7″ Touch Screen


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10 Replies to “HomeAssitant Dashboard Creation”

  1. Robert Anthony Pitera

    For the record, it's really not that difficult to create your own skins for HA Dash, just need to look up a little CSS. I know because I am the guy who created the four skins you see and helped develop the skinning system. (I always get a kick out of seeing them in these types of tutorials!)

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