Home Automation with Vera Edge and Amazon Echo

Devices used for this project as below
1. Amazon Echo –

2. Air con IR Blaster –

3. Light Panel Switch –

4. iTach WiFi AV to IR Blaster –

5. Fibaro Motion Sensor –

6. Fibara Door/Windows Sensor –

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  1. Amanda Horne

    Using it for geofencing light control and love it.>>>t.co/wALYbrKfqQ   Once powered up latest firmware downloaded and installed fine. Programming through the online interface is fairly straightforward and I had no issues. Using mostly Leviton lamp modules and even an Everspring mixed in. I have both SMS and email notification enabled and its woks fine. Every great once in awhile I do have a false geofencing alert but its so infrequent its a non issue. The phone app for Android works well no complaints.

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