Home Assistant IOT Dashboard Tutorial # 25

In this tutorial you will learn how to create Home Assistant dashboard and control IOT devices any smart device.

7″ LCD Display

Raspberry Pi 3 Aluminum Case

GitHub Config Files

10 Replies to “Home Assistant IOT Dashboard Tutorial # 25”

  1. Robert Yates

    Nice project. But I have to agree with squalazzo. Why don't you use a cheap Android tablet. Plus I don't like Home Assistant. Have a look at a program called Home Remote Designer. Nice GUI Dashboard designer for Android or IOS that you can load Devices onto such as MQTT client, Alexa, multimedia devices, heaps of name brand IOT devices, the list is endless.

  2. squalazzo

    good video, but i think that a 7" chinese tablet is a cheaper option of the LCD display, you can put it wherever you want, on a wall too, not necessarely near the raspy…

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