Home Assistant For Beginners Part One: Configuration.yaml

Home Assistant For Beginners Part One: Configuration.yaml

This is the first video in a series of Home Assistant For Beginners videos. We will start by covering Home Assistant’s configuration.yaml file, how to validate configuration.yaml, and how to restart the home assistant service.

I use both Putty and Notepad++ to edit the file to give a multiple paths to accomplishing the tasks at hand. Home Assistant has almost 500 components (pre-configured items to automate). The next video will walk through adding and configuring some of this components.

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19 Replies to “Home Assistant For Beginners Part One: Configuration.yaml”

  1. Matthew Davey

    Thank you! Your videos are great and very helpful. Question: what does it mean for you to do when some components have the Git.Hub website, and it tells you to add their ‘repository’ to my HASSIO ‘instance’ ?

    I’m new to learning this, and have tried to find an explanation on what to do with this.
    Thanks again!

  2. paul sheriff

    all i need to no and have been searching for ages is what command i put in command prompt configuration.yaml it seems like if your not a coder this info is hard to find unless your putting it on raspberry
    pie ..but great video ..but it would be great if some one could make one just for windows ..showing what to do after the install ..i have it up and running but no cloud installed ..and first thing it tells you add code in your configuration.yaml ok i get that part ..but how what do i put in the command prompt ..thanks again for the video

  3. Simon J

    I just got started on home automation and my first time playing around with Linux. I just followed a couple of guides to get the basics working.
    Im trying to figure out how I can add and track my phone location and battery percentage. Any ideas are welcome! =)

  4. Ryan Drudy

    Hey I started the video and edited the file as in the tutorial, but now when I go to type in hass –script check_config I get a message saying "bash: hass: command not found". Now the Home Assistant main page won't load up. Did I break anything lol?

  5. Joris

    Thanks for the instructions, very helpful! One question: on the Pi I need to "sudo" before I can edit files with "nano". As you can imagine, I cannot save/upload files with Notepad++. How would you solve that?

  6. MrRantWhy

    I need some help I am running the new 1.23 and I cant for the life of me get the check config script to work I have looked all over the directory's and cant find it the only one that I have found is the one on the web UI but I cant find for the terminal. Any help would be great. Thanks

  7. BN

    I switched the power on my Pi, then it asked to log in hassibian. Once I log in, it show pi@hassbian:~ $.

    I did cd .homeassistant but it said -bash: cd .homeassistant: No such file or directory

    pls help

  8. Just Checking

    thanks for the video. I have Raspbian Jessie Light installed on my PI One. I am yet to install HA but have a few questions, can you plug any speaker into the Blue 3.5mm jack in the PI? two can you use any USB Microphone? or would you advise a USB sound card etc etc? thanks again.

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