Home Assistant Camera Integration with TensorFlow Object Detection

Today we’ll be integrating a camera, specifically the UniFi G3 Flex into Home Assistant. We’ll then take that one step further by using DOODS to run a containerized version of Tensor Flow so that we can detect objects within our camera’s stream. Don’t Forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment
below letting me know what you’d like to see or if you need help with something in the video.

Items used in video (Affiliate Links, helps me spend more time on videos! Thank you):
Ubiquiti Unifi G3 Flex:

0:00 Intro
0:29 Camera Setup (UniFi G3 Flex)
2:03 Adding Camera to Home Assistant
3:00 Adding Camera to Dashboard
3:30 Setting up DOODS/TensorFlow
5:20 Setting up Local Access Storage on Home Assistant
6:10 DOODS/TensorFlow Home Assistant Integration
8:30 Testing the Setup
9:22 Adding the Final Product to Dashboard

9 Replies to “Home Assistant Camera Integration with TensorFlow Object Detection”

  1. Angel Pimienta

    Hey did you add authentication, it seems like you didn’t. If someone is in your network they can access it without a password be careful. DONT TRUST ME IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL I JUST NOTICED IT THAT IM SORRY IF ITS NOT THAT

  2. PW

    Nice one. How the data flow here?. Snap pic at camera first then send over to HA to store and finally send to DOODS for analysis?.

  3. Rain Maker

    Hi Tech Samurai. Thank you for this video. I followed your instructs step by step and got my webcam to work with HA on my rasp. Would you happen to know which github url to use for rasp installation via the HACS Store GUI Custom repositories? Thanks again.

  4. Dale Atkin

    I’m really curious about the limits of this technology. It’s one thing to say ‘hey that’s a person’ when the person is 3ft from the camera. What about 30ft? 300ft? (Obviously will depend on the camera, but how much is reasonable to expect?)

  5. Jacky Woo

    Thank you for this very useful video. You said you have separate virtual machine running linux and docker, is your home assistant instance also on a VM? I have home assistant installed on a Virtualbox; which is installed on a MX Linux. I am just wondering what is the best way to install docker (then pull doods)? on a VM or on MX Linux itself? Thanks.

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