Here's Why the Chevy Bolt is the Uncool Electric Car


The Chevy Bolt has some amazing Tesla-beating numbers: $37,500 base price for 238 miles of range. But inventories are piling up and nobody’s buying it. I’m reviewing a 2017 Chevy Bolt to find out why it isn’t as cool as the Tesla Model 3.

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40 Replies to “Here's Why the Chevy Bolt is the Uncool Electric Car”

  1. Horatio Jones

    In Canada the Bolt sells for $5000 less than the Tesla Model 3. I was actually considering the Bolt but the bad press it gets finally turned me away. The thing is the Bolt isn't that bad and owners generally seem happy with it. Thing is, a good car that's unpopular can be a bargain when they try to get rid of the stock – a cheap way to get into an EV.

  2. Guillemo Dred

    I want lots of miles per kilowatt, nothing else matters. The point is to use the least amount of energy to get from A to B. Teslas are wasteful nonsense, give me small, give me efficient and I will buy your vehicle.

  3. Jeremy Johnson

    I think most people are angry at the planned obsolescence and poor value from the the American automakers . And now they want us to believe that all of a sudden they are going to make great cars because it’s made in America (which btw a lot of it is not). They are only making these ev vehicles because Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Tesla and many more are making them. Hmmmm I think Americans now have a real option to vote vote with there hard earned dollars .

  4. Time Lord

    A TON of people leased these when they came out in 2017. These lease returns are now on sale for around $20k with less than 36k miles! I bought one and it's a really fun car. My favorite thing about it is the massive amount of head and legroom! I'm 6'6'' 230 and have plenty of room. My big Superduty diesel pickup has far less head and legroom. For 20 grand, it's an amazing value. I highly recommend it.

  5. spaceracer23

    There are several issues limiting sales.
    1. GM is asking $40k for a car with an interior of a $15k car.
    2. GM's reputation for build quality isn't great, so the recent news about the Bolt catching fire isn't surprising.
    3. This can't be your only vehicle if you do any traveling. My grandmother lives 250 miles away. This ain't getting me there. Even if it did, I'd be staying a while as it would take two days to fully charge from a 110 outlet. If I want to drive from my home in NW AR to Dallas, NoLa, or even just Memphis, looks like I'll need a rental. Even if I could find charging stations between here and there, no quick charge is anywhere near as quick as refueling at a gas station.
    EVs can make great daily drivers if you never plan to road trip in them. However the technology just isn't there for these to be an only car.

  6. W. Loczykij

    Chevy ignored badge appeal and pays for it. Honda knew better and created Acura. VW didn't and superb excellent Phaeton flopped.
    I'm no Tesla fan but Chevy badge says budget an makes people reconsider.

  7. DAPC

    ~imagine this~eh?~maybe electric vehicles should come with liability insurance from the companies that make them~

    ~50,000 Chevy Bolt EVs Recalled; Owners Told Not to Park in Garages, Near Houses~or maybe not anywhere in fact~would you want to park next to one in a parking lot or parking garage or even a campsite or airport valet?~

    General Motors and Chevrolet have decided to voluntarily recall select 2017-2019 model-year Chevrolet Bolt EVs with high voltage batteries produced at LG Chem’s Ochang, Korea facility that may pose a risk of fire when charged to full, or very close to full, capacity.,very%20close%20to%20full%2C%20capacity.

    ~human technology seems there is always a bright side then a dark side~humans that live always in a cause to an effect live both yin and yang as well~no one can ever reach a higher consciousness through this and their ego in a dualistic world in such suffering from desire and attachments~

  8. Robert II

    The main selling point of the Tesla to me is the supercharger network. It allows them to travel where no other electric vehicles can. Even though supercharging eventually won't be free for anyone.

  9. Rick Motley

    I would buy this car instead of a Tesla right now if I was in the market for and electric car. The manual seat adjustment rather than electric gives you more driving range so I wouldn't complain.

  10. JoshPlayz

    I know you don't really do these kinds of videos, but maybe on More Doug DeMuro you could make a video driving a few electric cars like the bolt or maybe something like a Hyundai Kona.

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