Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop Xbox 360 Is A Waste Of Money

Gamestop ran a Pro Day sale over the weekend and I thought I would take advantage of the sale and pick up a refurbished Xbox 360 system to check out. I wanted to see what Gamestop was selling as a refurbished system to customers and what I found showed me just how poor their refurbished systems are put together.

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28 Replies to “Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop Xbox 360 Is A Waste Of Money”

  1. ThatsNotThePoint -__-

    That’s interesting, it’s pretty rare for a Jasper Unit to have solder joint issues. If anything, I would assume, the previous owner or whomever, had it standing straight up in an open area, and it fell onto its side several times. Etc

    Reason being, because out of all the original style 360 units, the jasper revision was the one with the least failures.

  2. M S

    I bought a refurbished 360 a couple months ago, haven't really had any problems with it since. And I have been playing with it a lot.

  3. Şilēņł Ē

    Also The Disk Tray Would Get Jammed All the Time With Or Without a Game in there so i took the disk reader apart and dusted that bitty put back together also it works smoothly now…🙏

  4. 44 B

    GameStop says they test systems for 200 something hours . You put that on xb360 that’s already about done then it be dead a little after you get it .

  5. Mick.T. Shaft

    What a tool, he knows the pad works because the knobs wiggle… twat! He can tell by looking at an electrical item that it works but the half a brick inside tells him it won't work for very long! "Technically it worked" Why technically you're talking about hidden screws? And how the fuck is it a clamshell design is it a flip xbox, where are the hinges? Hairy munchkin looking fucker!

  6. Willem DaFuckedUp

    This is absolute BULLSHIT.
    If anything, a refurbished 360 is more worth a regular used one.
    Gamestop actually goes in, puts new paste in, fixes any underlying issues and cleans the system.
    It's absolutely worth it, fuck this guy. The refurbished Xbox 360 I bought 11 years ago still runs fine.

  7. William Huggins

    Ive got xbox1 x no probs, and i had an Xbox 360 for over 5yrs no probs. I got another refurbished Xbox 1 and yet no probs all from gamestop its called the warranty the extra $29.99 if ever have any probs and you can return and they take care of it but so far I havent had any so this video is bogus

  8. finnirish12

    I had the oldest model. It red ringed. 50$ to fix it and a 30 day warranty. Red ringed 4 more times after more fixes… They told me they couldnt fix it and gave my 50$ back. I punched the Xbox across the room and it worked for 6 months before it ringed for the last time and I used a hammer on it.

  9. John Brown

    Are you serious? Only an idiot would buy a white 360. I got rid of mine for a black one that works about a decade ago. What did you hook it up to? A black and white TV? Give me a break.

  10. Austin Hunter

    Your face being refurbished probably isn't worth the money either. Yeah see it hurts don't it? Well that's how that poor Xbox feels. And frankly if you watch this without volume it looks like this guy has never seen anything like an Xbox in his life it's rather great. 🙂

  11. Atoms Molecules

    Well there's your problem, you bought a shitty core edition, those were monstrous pieces of shit that overheated giving you the red ring of death, at one point they even had a 56% failure rate.

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